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Hi Everyone,

Been playing around with the CfgORBAT, modules and structures for the past few weeks as I love the concept.
I've introduced it to a multiplayer server as a way of keeping tabs on the whereabouts of other squads and knowing where they fall in the mission's hierarchy.

I know linking the module to a playable unit allows the ORBAT marker to follow them, however, in a multiplayer environment the module initialises before the players join and just sit there being static.
I've tried tieing the modules to a trigger, that initialises when the player characters are "alive", or on a radio option so they're defiantly in the server when the module initialises, but no dice.
The current only functional workaround I have is having AI with their "MOVE" disabled spawning in place when the mission begins, and when players join, they take the AI slots.
That gives the module something to adhere to at least.
If anyone has any suggestions or knows how to have the modules bind to players when they join, it'd be appreciated.

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