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Ship Submersible Ballistic Nuclear 731

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Ship Submersible Ballistic Nuclear, this ship recreates a simulation of underwater navigation, armed with torpedoes, missiles, cruise missiles and nuclear missiles, prepared for naval combat and supporting the ground infantry.

Features available in this version ALPHA 2.1.1:

Crew and Command

Propulsion engines shaft and Helix

Atomic or Nuclear Energy (available in next versions)

Reactors (available in next versions)

Electric or Electric Energy (available in next versions)


Mechanical or Diesel Energy

Snorkel System

Gas combustion discharge system


Applicable maneuvers

Possible Threats

Enemy Strategies

Individual and group offensive tactics of enemy vessels

radial assistance system between enemy vessels, when one is attacked, nearby vessels will help

missile cruises support of enemy vessels requested by enemies on land (available in next versions)

Nuclear missile support of enemy vessels requested by enemies on land (available in next versions)
Control compartments and electrical panels

Depth chargue

Unguided torpedoes

Guided Torpedoes System

Unguided Missiles

Guided Missile System

Aerial objectives (available in next versions)

Nuclear missiles (available in next versions)

Possible Complications

Repairs (available in next versions)

Auxiliary Electrical System

Medical area (available in next versions)

Sonar Manipulation and Communications

Sonar Passive (available in next versions)

Sonar Active

Tracking System

Threat Proximity Sensor


Radial Silence System

Enemy ships use radial silence maneuvers to hide from the radars

Communications with Ground Bases or other Allied Vessel (available in next versions)

fax delivery system for communication (available in next versions)

Radio buoy (available in next versions)

Fire in Compartments (available in next versions)

Nuclear Safety (available in next versions)

Engine repairs (available in next versions)

Pressure for crushing depth

Anticollision Reader

Auxiliary Oxygen System

Maximum Silence Maneuver

State of Absolute Silence

System of enemy naval convoys (available in next versions)

Hydrophone system, to distinguish the emanating noise of each type of enemy craft (available in next versions)

mini-submarine for deep deployments (available in next versions)

Scanner drone system to be deployed on surface (available in next versions)

Crush depth system for diver players

Attack of Mortars Enemy Ships

Manual torpedo system straight line path (available in next versions)

Eye contact system from the periscope with the laser marker (available in next versions)

Missile interception system

Program start for Acoustic Warfare Analyst (available in next versions)

passive sonar for cargo and transport ships, if they are in danger they will call reinforcements (new)

display camera system in the ship tower for the control room (new)

Launch tube system for missiles (new)


-open editor

-Select blufor and Barba Submarines

-place the submarine in an area of the sea where it is deep (at least 25 meters)

-do not place crew in the Ship

-start the mission the submarine needs 2 to 3 minutes to charge when the mission starts, when it is ready it will launch a sonar pin indicating that the main hatch locks can now be removed

-climb into the hull of the ship and open the hatch and enter

-close the hatch from the inside if you need to submerge the ship

-Enemy ships must be from OPF factions, if you want to use ships from other factions make sure to put OPF crews on them

the rest of the indications are in the youtube video tutorial we highly recommend that you watch it to operate the ship

Procedures and requirements for the use of missile tubes

- the ship's power must be on
- each missile must be activated from the tube that protects it, the crew must open the side door of the tube and activate the panel that contains the missile
-the tube side door must be closed
-the outer door of the missile tube must be open
-the missile could be fired from the weapons control room following the instructions shown on the screen


-The radar of the submarine for now can only have one enemy naval vessel per class, that is, if it places 2 cargo ships of the same class it will detect one at a time, once the first one is sunk, reactivate the search system and there will be the next.
The case similar to warships, if you place two equal warships it will detect one at a time, in the case of a warship and a cargo ship, it will detect both because they are two different classes

-Enemy ships must be placed in the Eden editor, if you want to place them with zeus you must do it before starting the submarine

-We are working on this limitation to optimize it in future updates.

-If you place a ship and the sonar system can't find it, please inform us

-The visualization cameras in the control room are in version 0.2, they still present details during their use, such as transmission delay in seconds sometimes, (you can correct these delays by rectifying the executed action)


1) it is important that you watch the video tutorial, it explains step by step how to use the ship

2) if you have the USS Alabama version checked in your set mods of your launcher, you must uncheck it and also uncheck the ZNV Complement

3) if you want to edit the missions with the ship should be the following information:
If you are inside the ship, and you close your EDEN server, your editor will remain dark, To solve it go to tools,
and press the camera, Then press escape and close your Splendio camera.

4) In the current version only diesel engines can propel the ship

5) there are some current differences when running the submarine on a host server with players to a dedicated server with players, currently the submarine is working better on dedicated servers than on hosted servers, we are working to reduce the differences

Credits & Thanks:

Special thanks to the Mr. Stick_Hogue, for making the ship's motion programming engine.


If you have any problem please let us know in the comments, we are here to help, greetings to all.

Report an error:

Due to the number of characteristics, our team has a hard time finding any hidden errors, please inform us to be aware and work to fix it.

soul is in steel







this ship requires the navigation tools here:








                                                                                                                                                           soul is in steel


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2 hours ago, cervantes said:

bien hecho y buen trabajo en el modelo 3d 🙂

thank you very much my friend

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hello guys, new update of the ship to a version 2.0, air to ground missile system with a system of safety and integrity tubes for missiles















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In this second tutorial video for the SSBN 731 Ohio class submarine mod, we will be covering the missile tube system, the safety procedure and launching the missiles at targets. If you would like to see more of these videos, you can subscribe to the channel. Or you can keep up to date on our workshop page as we will post the links and updates there. If you have any question about the mod you can ask them on our workshop page.




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