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Some Weapons Iron Sights are off target

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Dear Developers,

I have to report an issue that I recently found with a few iron sights of the weapons in the game.
A few weeks ago I reported an issue with the Zafir's iron sights that the shots were going high all the time. I guess that the iron sight is not properly centered and therefore too low.

The Zafir is actually not the only weapon having these issues, that cause the weapon to reliably miss their intended target on all ranges when zeroed correctly.

This issue is not a problem at all if any sight item is used on the weapon. It is just the iron sight model that seems to be off.

I found a way to highlight the issue using the laser attachment. The laser pretty much always points directle to the middle of the screen and the shot will pretty much perfectly hit the laser spot when zeroed correctly. So the sight should be exactly on the spot.

Here is a list of weapons where the sight is severely off:

MX - sight too low
MXM - sight too low (but less than MX)
Rahim - sight too low
Sting 9mm - sight too low
Zafir - sight too low
Protector 9mm - sight too high
SPAR16 - sight too high (and covers too much of the picture anyway for a tactical sight imho)
SPAR17 - sight too high (and covers too much of the picture anyway for a tactical sight imho)

This is an annoying issue since you practically can not rely on your weapons sights. Since this is kinda important in a combat situation this should be fixed.

Please Developers, take the weapons to the table and fine tune the sights so they are on target.



Thanks in advance


David / Venator


P.S.: Example pictuers of what it looks like


I did test a lot of vanilla weapons. I may have overlooked some though. Some also dont have the ability to equip the laser for good pictures

Most weapons seem to hit fine.




SPAR-16: sight too high



SPAR-17: sight too high



Protector: Sight too high



Sting: Sight too low



MX: Sight too low



MXM: Sight too low



Rahim: Sight too low



Zafir: Sight too low


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