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pvt. partz

Pilgrimage in Cambodia (RHSPKL version)

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                                               -Pilgrimage-the real Gi-Joe!


                                                                                                                                                                                                              Prei Khmaoch Luong-RHSPKL version

                                                                                                                                             Distributed by Red Hammer Studios


This is a REAL!  single-player port of the great mission called Pilgrimage to be played on the terrain which I will refer to as Cambodia. This   REAL!  port has all of the weapons, units, vehicles used in the Asian conflict that raged during the 1960's, thus mod use is required. Every detail has been reworked for authenticity.  Nothing will dampen your enjoyment, I promise, except getting shot! Warning don't eat the rice!



ArmA 3 Apex.

Prei Khmaoch Luong-RHSPKL version.

Unsung Vietnam War Mod 3.1 GOLF.

CUP Units.

CUP Weapons.

CUP Vehicles.


Asian Factions for CUP.




JSRS Sound Mod

Anrop Unsung JSRS Sound Patch


Notes about this port:

1)    There are 5 churches very close together in the town of Le Coq d'or. They were already on the terrain and are part of future plans by the map maker. Only one will save and only one will show as marked.

2)    This port is based off Altis which is much larger than RHSPKL so settings set high in the GUI will result in overwhelming odds against you. I suggest that you set the Garrison, Check Points, & Hidden Camps be set to 50%. Ambient combat to low/lowL.

3)    The author of this terrain has stated that development is ongoing. When updates are released, Pilgrimage may require updates as well.   

4)    Please try to keep in mind when playing Pilgrimage in Cambodia, this mission was initially designed to be played in modern to future times. That said there are things that develop while you play that you may think are a bit out of place. One example, cell phones did not exist during this time period so getting  phone calls will seem a bit out of place. I have disabled phones.

5)    For in depth information about how to play Pilgrimage, please visit the forums  Pilgrimage Guide

                               (thanks alky_lee) !



1)    Added random para-drops / repelling paratroopers / river patrols.

2)    Rebuilt some of the ancient ruins that were removed, although not nearly as extensive as the originals.  The rebuilt ruins still give the illusion of a once holy place location relevant to the mission.

3)    Added asset details to the map where holy places exist.



Bohemia Interactive----------------For Arma III.

Rydygier----------------------------------For his   award winning   mod (mission), Pilgrimage.

Blutclot-----------------------------------For this gorgeous terrain.

CBA----------------------------------------Community Based Addons.

Phanton Wolf--------------------------Holster Weapon.

Sgt. Justin-------------------------------Lock/Unlock Vehicles.

Community Upgrade Project.

The Unsung Vietnam War Mod.


HINT!     Set your water reflection to Very High !







change log:


fixed the fog so it doesn't get thicker over time.

reworked all the spawn points.



fixed holy place saves didn't function properly.

removed holy place that no longer could exist at it's current location (RHSPKL update).

improved player uniforms.








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Whenever I start the mission the fog raises so much, that after few minutes you can't even see your character in third person. 

I thought it might be Blastcore phoenix mod issue, but it's the same after disabling it. As I was searching for a solution on some forums it apeears that it might be a mission side issue. Any ideas? Thanks.


image 1

image 2





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it apeears that it might be a mission side issue

...ah yes, I forgot to disable forecast.




I have a couple other things I want to look at as well so the new one might be a bit.

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