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3Den Stringtable Viewer

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After countless times going through stringtable files trying to find what I was looking for I've finally made a mod to make life easier.
Introducing 3Den Stringtable Viewer a very simple mod which allows people to view a list of localized text inside the 3Den editor.


  • An easy to understand UI.
  • A list of localization keys and their respective localized text.
  • Language options available straight in the interface, allows the user to switch between different languages on the fly.
  • A list of stringtable origins, currently only includes default Arma 3 but in the future looking to implement other mods stringtables for creators to use.
  • Simple search function which searches through the list of keys and their localized text.
  • A copy button which will copy just the localization key - for easy implementation in configs.
  • An export button which will copy the localization key inside a localize command - for easy implementation inside scripts.



If you would like to contribute your mod's stringtable files to the project so users using your mod can use your localized strings when your mod is loaded feel free to contact me and I will get it implemented.













Steam Workshop: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2073243184

Github: https://github.com/Asaayu/3Den-Stringtable-Viewer

Youtube Video:


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Excellent job!


However, I miss some strings from "Old Man extension", for example "STR_A3_OM_System_MoneyCheck_info", "STR_A3_OM_HOLDACTION_investigation_Text", ... etc. Can you include those?

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Good catch, I've updated the GitHub so they should be included tomorrow morning (+ 11 hours from now) when I update the mod on the Steam Workshop.

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