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endgame/level 13+ shelter ideas

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So I've noticed ppl are asking, "what to do after the shelter is finished?" Well, I would like to see some small in-game fun at the shelter and potential extra loot/resources.


Gold panning. There are two creeks that come out of the map. After an end game level 13 shelter is completed, it would open up these two options to pan for gold in a couple of places near the source of the creeks. They could be generated by putting resources into panning equipment, then the players would have to go pan for gold to gain the resource, then "smelt" the loot into coins. These would cost a significant amount of resources to open up and then extra time to smelt spent before the added rewards of more coins for the player. This would give 3-4 extra coin options for high level shelter users and reward them for the hard work put into it.


Also, there could be more options for hunting/trapping for more food for same level 13 shelter players. There can be varmint traps for low yield food, and bear traps for high yield. Also, since we like shooting so much, why not place a random deer/rabbit/squirrel into the area just outside the shooting range. This would add to the food sources according to size of game. And if there are players avirace to shooting animals, just allow them to turn off this option or they don't have to upgrade for it.


Another food resource for crates could be fishing and crab catching. The dock is useless atm, so why not allow a boat to move onto the water to drop crab baskets inside the bay. And there are two rock formations by the dock that can be "modified" through shelter upgrades to as pulley systems for a large fishing net to be used to catch large quantities of small low yield fish for food. Or allow for players to fish by poles next to the upper dock in order to catch big sized fish. All these three options would allow for upgrading the smoke house more and force more upgrades to the shelter.


As an alternative end game fun activity, why not have animal/bird watching options. With special rewards for finding the critter of the week using either binoculars or a hand rail mounted scope next to the house. These animals/birds would be across the map hidden in the foliage and trees allowing for interesting time learning about critters native to Netherland. These could be added to a 'journal' in the shelter to add knowledge to upgraded shelter.


Potential bonus for medical benefits is to add books of knowledge you can find in houses during encounters where you can learn basic/intermediate/advanced/doctoral first aid/medicine.  This would allow you to generate consumable healing materials faster and increase the ability to survive longer after radiation has started.  There could also be a decontamination area next to the house where you would have to shower after an encounter if you play/get caught inside the radiation at all. This would require downtime to heal/recover from sickness of radiation poisoning. Making the need to leave matches quickly more appropriate and also encouraging players to not camp at exits as players with insurance often do since they don't care about dying in the encounter.


Finally, there an also be a couple of wellness areas in/around the shelter. You have a video game area, darts, music/guitar, fitness/weights/punching bag, movie time, but you can also add cooking, books to read, night sky star-gazing, and even pets (fishpond/dogs/birds/cats/fishbowls). These can add to the wellness of a player helping them to adjust to the new world/post-apocalyptic dangers betters. And would allow players to build more stamina (running and carrying) larger quantities of loot. Add larger kit baggage and the player can get more items after level 13 shelter is completed. 


One really interesting idea is to gain more loot gain in encounters, by helping a player in encounters rather than kill. The 'Sharing is Caring' motto can be put into practice where players risk being killed by helping others but gain significant loot boosts for the next encounter. This would help player who don't want to pay for crowns. Clearly there is a potential to abuse these types of options, but then there could be a black market for that type of abuse. It could also hinder/handicap players if they are abusing it, and produce significantly reduced rewards. Creating a variable advantage and disadvantage (RNG system) would balance this type of aspect in-game, and this would only be available to top tier shelter builders. And it would hopefully insure that players don't farm the rewards, abusing the system. But most importantly, investing in ALL the builds/crafts, would gain the most rewards/crates.


All this would cost significant resources and time to acquire. End game encounters could also require the player to "rest" their mind in order to play harder map levels. Where only level 13+ shelter gamers can play. The game map would be smaller, increased weather/radiation damage taken, and encounter time reduced in order for a faster paced/more extreme play style. The return on crowns for skins would be increased according to last man standing, or winner with most loot acquired.


Well, if these ideas have already been stated before me, I had not found them. Hopefully I haven't repeated what others have already suggested.

Let me know what you all think. Cheers

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I've suggested in another post that you have metal but no way to produce nails??? 

Being almost completely finished my upgrades except for a few nails which are in short supply, a bench to create them would be ideal.

This would also help future and low level shelter players.

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yeah, there are lots of strange resource requirements i don't understand... like nails for a wood chopping pile. And liquid fuel for a wood burning smoke house. If you used fuel, you'd ruin the taste of the food.... unreal. Also, why not add chopped wood instead of "materials?" or why get "materials" from herbs. Why not add something useful also.. like collecting clothing scraps that can be used to make interesting clothes with that old-school unused sewing table upstairs next to the dart game. More importantly, there are animal sounds in every encounter, but we don't get to find any to generate food with.


And why can't we pick up more items to use for resources in each encounter? Every house we rummage through has graphic items that we could realistically use to refurnish/build our shelter. (Must just be the prepper/survivalist in me.)


I'm also still trying to figure out why anyone would realistically place a outhouse sewage source next to a water source... so you can get sick if it ever floods and contaminates you're water? There's a reason why old-school outhouses were deep pits in the ground, which were always placed well away from a house or water well.


Oh, and another weird house graphic item is how the bed has no blankets or sleeping bag on it, and it's so far away from a heat source you'd freeze to death instead of rest each night. Did I also mention the bed is on the windy side of the house so there would be even less heat in that upstairs corner. this is me wondering if these game developers have ever lived in a rustic cabin in the winter. lols

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