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TDM BMR Air Combat

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Team Death match Air to Air Combat.
Fight Fixed wing battles or helicopter battles.
Fly into the hoop to repair, ream, refuel and heal you and any crew members if they exist.
The hoop repositions approximately every minute somewhere around the battle center.
Side with the most points within set match time wins.


Play in multiplayer alone or with others in dedicated or player hosted server.
Great for demoing aircraft from vanilla or any mod pack.
Battle center is predefined usually around hilly, mountainous or skyscraper city areas or can be changed to a randomly generated sea battle position for better visibility and performance gain.
Your aircraft is crewed with AI so you can switch to say belly or side gunner position if any or pilot at any time.
Three lobby parameters which Affect AI scaling. The AI can also just be totally disabled.
Scalable AI which is a settable count per player up until a settable number of players join and a hard cap which takes precedence of how many max aircraft can exist in total that includes players and AI aircraft.
Auto detection of aircraft from mods which are added to Aircraft vehicle pool.
Respawn in flight in random aircraft or predefined aircraft from template near battle area.
Aircraft pools can be limited to corresponding native player slotting side or have no regard to side.
Generates flak around battle center and periodically in service hoop.
Incremental overcast options from 0 to 100. Higher settings will generate more random lightning strikes.
Auto Counter Measure lobby option lessen the chance of being hit by lockon missiles and can make battle more challenging. This does not deplete manual fire supply.
Black listing and whitelisting supported.
Aircraft without weapons are automatically filtered from pool.
Several aircraft have predefined loadouts. Loadouts can easily be edited or added into script.
View Distance setting is saved into player profile each time its adjusted and recalled each time you play this mission.
Simple porting instructions included.

Three missions offered in the mission pack.
Each is the same mission on a different terrain and a couple of default lobby parameters a changed.


TDM_BMR_Air_Combat.Altis because vanilla / no mods required.
TDM_BMR_Air_Combat.clafghan because great performance and best suited for Fixed wing combat of all available Arma terrains due to most massive and realistic mountains. (Can be a struggle to traverse with helis).
TDM_BMR_Air_Combat.United_States_H The Seattle map has great performance and best suited for heli battles due to massive sky scrapers. Also provides a nice scenic battle ground for fixed wing battles. Best version overall really. Cons - terrain not compatible with CUP terrains core/maps.




Mission Pack


Lobby Parameter options:



Aircraft Pool
    1. Aircraft Pool Types
            1. Random Helicopters
            2. Random Fixed Wings
            3. Vanilla AH-9 Pawnee
            4. Vanilla WY-55 Hellcat
            5. Vanilla A-164 Wipeout
            6. Vanilla F/A-181 Black Wasp II (Stealth)
            7. Vanilla A-143 Buzzard
            8. Vanilla 149 Gryphon
            9. Vanilla To-199 Neophron
            10. Vanilla To-201 Shikra (Stealth)
            11. Vanilla F/A-181 Black Wasp II (Stealth) and Vanilla To-201 Shikra (Stealth)
            12. RHS F-22 Raptor. Mod Requirements: @RHSUSAF
            13. RHS Super Tucano. Mod Requirements: @RHSAFRF;@RHSUSAF;@RHSGREF
            14. RHS Little Bird (MELB_AH6M). Mod Requirements: @RHSUSAF
            15. CUP AW159 Wildcat. Mod Requirements: @CBA_A3;@cup_units;@cup_weapons;@cup_vehicles
            16. Random Sab's Modern Light Fixed Wing Fighters. Mod Requirements: @Military Aviation
            17. Sab's Turbo Props. Mod Requirements: @Military Aviation
            18. Sab's T-28 Trojan Prop Plane. Mod Requirements: @Secret Weapons
            19. Random Sab's WWII Fixed Wing Fighters. Mod Requirements: @Secret Weapons
            20. F/A-18E and Sukhoi Su-35. Mod Requirements: @SU-35 Flanker E;@FA-18 Super Hornet
    2. Sides limited to respective side vehicles
            1. Unrestricted, all sides share same vehicle pool.
            2. Restricted by side.
    3. Mission Duration
            5,10,15,20,25,30,35,40,45,50,55 and 60 minutes
    5. Set the start time
    4. Overcast Sky
            1. 0% Overcast, Better FPS
            2. 10% Overcast
            3. 20% Overcast
            4. 30% Overcast
            5. 40% Overcast
            6. 50% Overcast
            7. 60% Overcast
            8. 70% Overcast
            9. 80% Overcast, Low lightning chance
            10. 90% Overcast, Medium lightning chance
            11. 100% Overcast, High lightning chance
            12. Default Editor Set Weather
A.I. Scaling
    5. Enable AI Aircraft
            1. Disabled
            2. Enabled when less than 2 players present
            3. Enabled when less than 4 players present
            4. Enabled when less than 6 players present
            5. Enabled when less than 8 players present
            6. Enabled when less than 10 players present
            7. Enabled when less than 14 players present
            8. Enabled when less than 18 players present
            9. Enabled when less than 22 players present
    6. Player Aircraft to AI Aircraft Ratio. (Effective if AI Aircraft Enabled)
            1. 1 Player Aircraft to 2 AI Aircraft
            2. 1 Player Aircraft to 3 AI Aircraft
            3. 1 Player Aircraft to 4 AI Aircraft
            4. 1 Player Aircraft to 5 AI Aircraft
            5. 1 Player Aircraft to 6 AI Aircraft
            6. 1 Player Aircraft to 7 AI Aircraft, Hello?
            7. 1 Player Aircraft to 8 AI Aircraft, Hello McFly!
    7. Limit of Total Aircraft (AI + Players). AI controled aircraft will not spawn when this number is reached. Players can still join
Mission Settings
    8. Battle at Sea
            1. No, use default inland battle position. (More interesting and less visibility)
            2. Yes, try to find random battle position at sea for FPS sake.
    9. Add Auto Flare Counter Measure Action to Player Aircraft
            1. Disabled
            2. Enabled
    10. Enable Flak (mostly ambient)
            1. Disabled
            2. Enabled
    11. Action to take if players are missing mods installed on server which determines Aircraft Pool
            1. Give Warning Notice
            2. Give Warning Notice and End Mission for this player






If any of the following 3 WWII mods are detected on server then The randon vehicle pool will filter out all vanilla aircraft.
    1. IFA3_AIO_LITE (Iron Front)
    2. Faces of War
    3. Secret Weapons (Sab's WWII aircraft mod)


Scripts which may be of interest to edit:



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