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Looking for a creator to help import a model/feature

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Hello , 

One huge feature i really wish bohemia had for the Arma series is more detailed focus towards aquatic life. Though , there is a solution & thats to make my own mod for it. First thing i am trying to get on to my server is a shark. More specifically a Tiger Shark (Ill be leaving link to the exact model i have already purchased). Now sadly, i do not have the slightest idea how to model and add models (especially animals) as i myself am a terrain/map maker. So here i am. Im looking for someone who can get my shark ingame. Id like for the shark to be able to swim around. Obviously i'd also like for the shark to be able to attack a person if they are in the water for too long. I have seen something like this before in this video. Id really appreciate whatever help is offered. Im willing to fullfill whatever conditions of said creator. I understand that this is a big feat for any creator however i am very patient and understand that a lot of work is required to make this a possibility. I also have modelers who are exceptionally talented in their trade and they would be more than willing to assist if needed. Feel free to shoot me a private message and we can discuss everything. Hope to hear you soon! 

Link to model that ive purchased for this project: https://www.cgtrader.com/3d-models/animals/fish/tiger-185058d9-a4b6-44e2-8f59-1151b3ecdd0a


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