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[SP] FlashPoint Shooting Competition - timed firing drills

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Hi all! I'm presenting you FlashPoint Shooting Competition (or FPSC for short) - a series (hopefully) of missions featuring timed shooting courses inspired by real life practical shooting sports such as IPSC, IDPA and various other 3- and 2-Gun events. FPSC is an idea I first realised in OFP, back in 2016, and when I finally started playing Arma 3, I was amazed by BIS own Firing Drills, and hoped to create my own soon. As it turned out, this was no easy feat, because BIS haven't managed to bring us modules to easily create new firing courses. Truth be told, looking through Workshop Firing Drill category, among many quality tactical shoothouses, I couldn't find even simplest sport-focused timed firing drill (if you know one, let me know too!). So, here's my first proposal:


NATO Malden Challenge 2036


After 2035 Altis incident NATO command came to conclusion that marksmanship skills among allied soldiers are dimnishing. To counter this, with help from civilian FPSC shooting association, NATO will organize a series of shooting competitions. One of them is Malden Challenge, set in abandoned military base in northern Malden.


NATO Malden Challenge is a 3-Gun even featuring precision rifle shooting on distances up to 300 meters, and a CQB course for pistols and carbines. Shooters will be equipped with their issued weaponry. During the event all competitors, staff and audience will have to adhere to safety regulations.


  • simple cinematic briefing
  • 6 mid-to-long distance high value targets to be engaged with sniper rifle
  • 16 CQB rifle targets
  • 24 CQB pistol targets
  • all-seeing Range Officer
  • on screen timer!
  • lots of running, reloading and controlling breath


To do:

  • saving player's time and displaying it in debriefing/overview BIS Firing Drills style
  • voice-over for Range Officer and briefing
  • loadout selection
  • procedural penalties for targets missed or shot with wrong weapon/out of order




Addons and DLCs required:

  • Malden 2035 DLC


Comments, suggestions, ideas, help appreciated.

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Nice!! I found the BIS firing drills both invaluable and highly enjoyable, good to see someone making more of these. :thumb:



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Thanks! I'm very glad you like it - from addonmaker with your accomplishments it's a high praise for me!


Obviously this mission is not as great as BIS drills are, but I hope it will create some interest in competetive shooting style of missions, and maybe someone with skills better than mine will be able to come up with more advanced/feature-rich solution. Workshop is full of interesting missions of all styles, but timed firing drills are surprisingly not present. I'm not sure why - when making this mission I was looking around the forums for answers to some scripting questions I had, and noticed that at least several people have tried to achieve the same goal. And they came up with scripts way above my comprehension. But I couldn't find any finished mission - guess they were not satisfied in final result?


My scripting is probably funny to experienced scripter, but you gotta start somewhere - and for me it's more important to have imperfect, but otherwise playable and fun mission, than spend years trying to achieve perfection. And helpful folk at the forums will gladly tell you where you can improve and where you messed up (wink, wink, nudge, nudge :wink:).

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