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MOd JackFrench French faction

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This Mod JackFrench adds a French faction;
with a very wide range of land and air vehicles (Nato, Indp, CSAT retexture).

author : JackFrench
website :https://jackfrench-arma3.fr
First release : 11/11/2014
Signed: yes
Server key: server key included
Listed: Blufor
Faction : JackFrench

Download : https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=714689601

or website Jackfrench https://www.jackfrench-arma3.fr/modjackfrench.html

- Fusiliers Multicam, Woodland, Tropic, Desert, Mountain (Alpine), Special Forces.
- Assault rifles HK 416F and HK 417 F. Long range rifle M320 Woodland, Desert, Multicam, Alpine
- Recognition vehicles, transport / logistics. Tank truck, workshop, equipment, ammunition
- Helicopter transports / support, marine version, camo
- Airplanes, Armored
- Boats (zodiac, outboard, submarine, speedboats)



************************************************** *************
version 20190112_012JF Arma3 Apex required
************************************************** *************
Upgrade to the latest modifications Arma 3
- Added HK 416F and HK 417 F (French faction now equipped with the famous HK 416 for 2019
- Modification of the contents and update of the armed cases [JF]
- Added French faction uniform crates
- French Faction Equipment Addition
- Stealth aircraft addition
- Addition griffon plane
- Add UH 80 woodland
- Added national marine crew
- Addition national naval officer
- Modification on armed lynx and hummingbird, marine, multicam, woodland were not visible in the editor
- Same for armed panther multicam
- All helicopters and armed aircraft use the new dynamic loading system in the editor /
- Resume some textures
-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------------

* 20180509_129JF (For players who do not have Apex remove the file jackfrench_apex.pbo / for players who do not own Apex remove the file jackfrench_apex.pbo)
Change Log / changelog
- compatibility with DLC Tanks / compatibility with DLC Tanks
- Added module jackfrench_apex / Added: module jackfrench_apex
- Added VRL minigun, AT, multicam, tropic / Added: VRL minigun, AT, multicam, tropic
- Added jeep minigun multicam, tropic / Added: jeep minigun multicam, tropic
- Kamaz missile launcher, multicam, tropic
- Miscellaneous detail / - Detail various
-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- --------------------
* 20160630_0182JF
Change Log / changelog
- Some changes in Arma-apex forecasting - Some changes to the Arma-apex output
- Two soldiers in the back of the truck were not armed / - Two soldiers in the back of the truck covered were not armed
- Corrigendum for some aircraft missiles / - correction to certain aircraft missiles
- Corrigendum on certain jackets / - correction some jackets
- Miscellaneous detail / - Detail various
* 20160613_0165JF
* 20160522_0143JF
* 20160209_0040JF
* 20160127_027JF
20141108_315JF first release of JackFrench mod November 11, 2014
Description: This mod adds a French faction with a very wide range of land and air vehicles (Nato retext, Indp, CSAT.)

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Work in progress New French camo on   : Char, VBCI, VAB, VT4 radio NCT-t













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Release Mod JackFrench


French faction for arma 3




Official release 11/11/2014 du Mod JackFrench


version: 20191127_331JF (release du 27/11/2019 )


change log
    Addition VT 4 Multicam Antenna (HQ Transmission), VT 4 Woodland
    Addition Multicam radio operator, woodland, tropic
    Addition Operator Drone ED-1D Mine Clearance
    Addition Drone operator ED-1E transceiver electromagnetic spectra.
    Adding Hemtt tray and multicam freight
    Correction textures Hemtt repair, cargo
    French voice
    Adding Nurse Desert Bag
    Resume some textures



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