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GSRI Zeus Manager

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Initial project

Hey there ! I'm glad to introduce you a brand new mod : GSRI Zeus Manager ! This component was first developped in order to provide GSRI mission editors a complete template relying on the USS Liberty destroyer. It is meant to quickly start a new mission without having to deal with our usual stuff such as having a few basic vehicles, ship's weaponry, arsenal, and of course Zeus modules automatic management. This last part is now a separate project, as we ended up thinking that it can be beneficial for the whole A3 community. 😀


What GZM can do

Once GZM is installed it can take care of any Zeus module placed via 3Den, without requiring you to configure each module with a proper owner. 💪 It relies on a serverside stored whitelist of players considered as allowed to get a Zeus privilege. The granting process check for the whitelist before linking the requester to an available curator. Any interaction with GZM is made through "command line like" user interface : just open your multiplayer vanilla chat and enter #zeus help to get a quick reminder of what each command does :

Usage : #zeus <command>, with :
   whitelist : show whitelisted players
   slots : display (un)assigned slots
   request/release : get (un)assigned to an available slot
   promote/revoke <player> : (un)register <player> as zeus-allowed

With GZM, you can add as much Zeus modules as needed without getting worried by how to be sure that your team's members will be able to use it. 👌 The whitelist is stored in the server's profile, meaning that it is available to all missions running on a given server. Just log in as admin on your server, promote players as you wish, and let GZM deal with the details ! 👮‍♀️


How do I get it ?

Literally everything you need to know about GZM is available on the Github repository of our project. Just have a look to the included Readme. Also, you can simply click here to go instantly to the release page on Github.

Please mind that this mod requires the always excellent CBA mod, otherwise you will not be able to interact with GZM (which is sad... 😥). If you have any question, feel free to ask here, on Github, or on our Discord server !

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GSRI Zeus Manager has been updated (original post edited), and is now only maintained and distributed as a mod ! This way you do not need to add or update it to every single mission you are using.


If you still need it as a script, you are free to get the source code on Github and use it as-is in your mission, or modify it the way you want under the conditions of the MIT License.

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