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looking for talented content creators

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Hello. Im almost complete with my community project. We are a custom hardcore rp community and aim to bring content to which havent been seen before in A3. We currently have roughly 180 members who are all great people who love the game and not the drama that comes from within. we are monetized by bohemia and licensed with dmca and copyrights so content usage/security isnt an issue. We have had quite the journey with development and we are nearly there! 


The final obsticle we face is the configs and the misson file. basically we have 2 issues that may be quite embarrasing but they are whats stopping from launching. Its been a very difficult journey with many people betraying the our trust or simply filling us with false hope of promises that were never kept and as of result it has been causing numerous delays in development. 


1. Our Mission file. It is complete however it was done originally for lakeside. However since then i have began to make a new map and we need to transfer the mission over to my custom map. Which would include renaming the npcs & placing the npcs in correct areas. 


2. Configs. Our configs require slight editing of prices for stuff as well as renaming the configs from the name we previously has to the current community name. 


Now these two (2) tasks will only get my community up and running at a semi functional stage.


However, we still are looking for individuals who can further assist us in other ways , as well as creators who are looking for a more permanent residency as a content creator. Compensation will be made available to those who dedicate their time and effort in helping improve our community.

positions we currently have open are 


- Scripters

- Animators

- texture artist (textures for things such as GUI, vehicles, 3D models , & terrains

- Database work




If anyone is able to please assist us id be most greatful and would love to show my appreciation in generous ways to the people who can help 😉 .


if anyone is interested in helping us with this , then please do not hesitate to message me via discord and/or steam and ill get back to you asap. 


Discord- Roman Sparkz #1436

steam url- https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197983100040/


hope to hear from you soon! 


Thank you! 

- Roman


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