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How do I change my ARMA3 player name?

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New guy here; I registered linking my Steam account to Bohemia. Despite registering my intended player name (Mesachie) at login, the game has taken by Steam account name and made it my player name. No one knows me by that name. How can I change it to my Bohemia account login name (Mesachie)?

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Hi there,


usually Arma games use your PC's operating system user name as default Arma profile name. While you cannot edit default profile (one created automatically by the game), you can create a new one and also edit it later. In version 1.94, click profile logo in top right corner in main menu and select your profile from drop-down menu. There you can manage in game your profiles.



For Arma 3 profile config files locations, such as graphic settings and key bindings, see below.

Default profile path: "My Documents\Arma 3\"
User created profile path: "My Documents\Arma 3 - Other Profiles\ProfileName\"

You can also set custom paths trough executable startup parameters or trough Arma 3 Launcher. For more info see:


Startup Parameters

Arma 3 Launcher

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