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A robust list of suggestions from a seasoned gamer.

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In the order of what I thought of first:


Loot swapping -  How is this not already a thing?  When looting with two you tend to loot different kinds of sites, loading you up with different items than your partner.  It would be nice to be able to exchange items in the shelter to even this out.  Also it would be cool to give your buddies gun back after you kill the guys that smoked him and then leave the match.  This would also allow teams to focus on different shelter builds, having one person focus on farming, the other on parts and so on.

FPS mode - This would be pro, I know noob gamers don't like this but it would be fun for us old timers.


Visiting your partners shelter would be cool.


Upgrading guns with parts instead of getting your gun as a "kit" would be nice.  Finding a scope for example and putting it on any gun with the right mount or being able to disassemble a gun and using its scope or other part for a different gun.  I know this is alot to ask for but it would make losing your heavily modded weapons a bigger deal.  This could then bring different magazines, bi-pods, grips, lasers and other attachment. 


Traps - oh boy, you think noobs are triggered now buy the lush environment and campers.  These could be rather benign like the strings of cans used in The Walking Dead or simple firework poppers used as trip alarms.  But re-purposed small game traps and IED's would really add an edge to blissfully wandering through the wild not watching where you are going.


Bigger teams - Three and four person teams would be a blast and would play well with other game modes.


Other game modes - no drops; more drops; looting runs with faster radiation clouds; only radiation clouds (see below); more PVP focused modes, you know what they are.


NBC Suits aka Chem Suits and gas masks - as a former military member and knowing how hard it is to shoot something with these on, this sounds like a fun time and could really play into other game modes.  These would of course would not last forever, and would take a long time to equip - like in real life


Binoculars - any self respecting survivalist would have a pair of these.


Silent weapons - such as crossbows, bows, and throwing weapons.


Better melee mechanics - the knife is basically useless.  A knowledgeable knife wielder should be able to take down their foe with minimal blows, as long as they hit, especially if they do not see you coming.  Plus there is seemingly no basic hand to hand at all.


A more robust damage mechanic system - bleeding out and limb damage like in ARMA.  One could then track their bleeding foe for the finish.


Boot tracks and other signifiers of a recently trafficked area.


Noise making - other than just jumping up and down on wood floors.  Such as throwing a rock to distract an enemy or hitting something to make noise.


I understand that a lot of these are complicated things, to say the least, and would require significant gameplay changes.  But hey, why not try to make a good game great.

I would love to hear ya'll thoughts on these.

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Traps would be cool.  Don't need to be lethal even -- just a bear trap that maybe drops 10% health and makes you hold X for 5 seconds to get out.  I like the idea of an alarm like cans or something.  


It would be nice to visit a friend's shelter if only to go up to a sharing box where they can put items or gear in there to share.  We also need the ability to drop items for friends in duos matches.  As it stands now, if you play random duos and your partner accidentally snags both drops, he can't hand them off without death.  Kill creates incentive to team kill.

Maybe this exists and I just haven't found it -- but some good taunt emotes would be nice.  I really enjoy messing with people standing in houses or bushes and just going "Hey!" lol

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There are gestures with the d-pad, though I have never used them, but ya some vocalizations would be cool.  Trading would be my big one.  The guy I play with seems to grab all the machine parts and I get all the wire.  We usually don't have the time to plot our looting accordingly, it's just grab and go.


Night mode, could be another one.  With some flashlights, if you dare . Not too dark, but enough to change it up.  Who is roaming around in broad day light anyway after the fall.  They all ready do a good job with the rain and fog and such.

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Hi Subject,

Some interesting ideas, but for me the basic premise of the game is fine as it is.

I don't want it to become too complicated, but I would agree with better gameplay components for duo's would be a benefit. I've played a couple of team games and find it frustrating to say the least, that communication is so difficult. Whilst it is possible to swap weapons through a corpse or certain weapon boxes, it's not ideal.

Traps makes me think of my grand kids on Fortnite, so for me I can't see what purpose they would serve.

Binoculars and silenced weapons, yes I can see a benefit. But as I've mentioned in other posts, combat is rarely fair, as one outlander' usually gets the drop on another and has an immediate advantage.

I'm personally not in favour of pay to win, so having outfits that limit damage is something I couldn't support.

I would agree that other modes could be added, but not at the expense of the original solo survival principle.


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Ya, I would just be happy if I was not booted from the server every time I got some good loot going.  Some other game modes would be interesting but not compromising the original game play and making that stable should be the primary focus.  For the NBC mode, was not thinking really pay for those suits or any sort of pay to win.  More like a mode where you go in with Chem gear on to loot areas while dealing with all the challenges of navigating that environment with your PPE on.  I do enjoy the pay for only cosmetics model, like Fortnite. 

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