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Joe Taggart

ArmA 3 - Country specific Salutes

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What it is, is that I would like to create a British Armed Forces salute animation pack. I do not have any 3d modelling software packages, but I have extensively used 3d Studio Max years ago. What software can I get on a grand budget of £0 please? :P

You see the navy, air force and army give several different types of salute overall, but the most common types are:-


Palm out, mid finger in line with eyebrow, hand kinked down slightly from the line of the lower arm, upper arm straight out to the side.

Palm down, arm out to the side, middle finger in line with eyebrow, hand kinked down a little from the line of the lower arm &

Palm tilted down at the front, rest as above.


ArmA only gives the default American salute and I hate seeing a British soldier saluting in that manner.


These all have significant meaning within the armed forces as they are historic, many dating back to before Wellington took on Napoleon.


skynews-afghanistan-kabul-british-army_4   <-British Army (You see 3 different salute types depending on regiment)

 the most common type is the guy on the right at the front.Palm out and open, traditionally to show that he is unarmed.


16648073109_415765b5e2_b.jpg    <-Royal Navy

Palm down so that the officer cannot see how dirty the suluting seaman's hands are.


Gp-Capt-Alastair-Smith.jpg   <- RAF 

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