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Another idea that i want to share with vigor is about some basic trap to kill players slowly if they dont heal on time is called (mantrap stock), is a basic trap the people in world use to hunt deers, bears or animals  in the forest ... We dont have anything like that in the game at the moment,  but that could help you to hurt seriously some player or even get a slowly kill, depending if is injured already even if that players doesn't heal on time 50% damage  would be fair to start bleeding after we step on those traps...then they could be bleeding until die if no heal is treated on time 


-We could bring at least 2 traps every match .


-even the players who installed the trap can be accidentally injured if they step on it


 - we can own or stole the trap for another player if we notice theres one on the ground.


-we can spend 3 between 5 seconds installing the trap.


-we could use 3 seconds to unlock the trap if we step on it. (Pressing "X")


- all the players can hear the noise if somebody step on the trap just  only if they are closely.


- the players who step on the trap needs to heal soon before 10 seconds or they can die slowly caused for bleeding .

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Hello there, thank you very much for your ideas, I make sure to pass them to the team. Some people also brought it up. It is an interesting idea. 

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