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This was developed for one of my ARMA2 missions SEA, AIR, and LAND. I made a template with minimal mods for mission makers to be able to drop this in quickly.




  • Boat launch - Ability to launch a zodiac out before you jump. To disable just delete the boat from the mission.  Recommended use is when all players are ready to jump, release and jump after it. I attached an IR strobe for night ops to make it easier to find and put a line in the script to switch out for a smoke on day time ops. IR strobe will delete once players enter the vehicle.
  • Red light/Green light to simulate signal to jump - The template is set to 10 seconds when doors will open and green light to jump goes off. This can be changed via the trigger. To start with the doors open, copy the relevant code from the trigger into the init of the plane.
  • ACE Arsenal Box in back for players to load gear - this is optional, completely up to mission makers to decide loadouts.


  • ACE and CUP (there is an ace only version), working on a no mods version



  • Sarge660 for his youtube video/tutorial to refresh my memory.


Known Issues

  • Players/AI will sometimes start prone. This tends to have no negative effect.
  • Players/AI will sometimes go into HALO animation in plane. Usually you recover and can run out again in a few seconds.




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