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  1. Blackfox34

    SJB Weapons Pack(s)

    You're a legend. Can you make me the gun of Eddie Price
  2. Blackfox34

    Run Through The Jungle

    I tried to play and my screen is stuck at Times are a-changing on the intro. Tried restarting multiple times.
  3. Description This was developed for one of my ARMA2 missions SEA, AIR, and LAND. I made a template with minimal mods for mission makers to be able to drop this in quickly. Features: Boat launch - Ability to launch a zodiac out before you jump. To disable just delete the boat from the mission. Recommended use is when all players are ready to jump, release and jump after it. I attached an IR strobe for night ops to make it easier to find and put a line in the script to switch out for a smoke on day time ops. IR strobe will delete once players enter the vehicle. Red light/Green light to simulate signal to jump - The template is set to 10 seconds when doors will open and green light to jump goes off. This can be changed via the trigger. To start with the doors open, copy the relevant code from the trigger into the init of the plane. ACE Arsenal Box in back for players to load gear - this is optional, completely up to mission makers to decide loadouts. Mods: ACE and CUP (there is an ace only version), working on a no mods version Credits Sarge660 for his youtube video/tutorial to refresh my memory. Known Issues Players/AI will sometimes start prone. This tends to have no negative effect. Players/AI will sometimes go into HALO animation in plane. Usually you recover and can run out again in a few seconds. Mirror: https://www.dropbox.com/s/noukbxuzm2xr0fp/Halo_Template.7z?dl=0
  4. Blackfox34

    COOP - Talon Quick Ops Pack

    For Quick and Dirty I've noticed that if you reload the missions/die sometimes it shows a member on OPFOR. I don't really know how to fix this besides to go back to the mission select screen. I'll try to look into it. @Prison Break issues. I'll look into them. I made that mission very quickly and I didn't intend for the guy to be playable lol. I'll work on getting a fix out ASAP, I'm quite busy with some real life obligations at the moment so hopefully by this weekend.
  5. Blackfox34

    Multi-Session Operations v4.5 released

    Can someone give me a parameter list or something to get this mission working. It has so much promise but every time our community plays it, its ends in utter failure. For example: Last time we had groups of enemy AI appear and disappear, which had laser aim. Tasks popping up saying there is enemy armor in an Area and then ticking completed about 5 seconds later.
  6. Yeah to be honest that host sucks. I encountered the same error where it won't let me unpack and went to try to redownload and it said i had to wait something like 4 hrs to try again. Try using dropbox or mediafire.
  7. I had to change my pants after every screenshot. Well done.
  8. Blackfox34

    COOP - Talon Quick Ops Pack

    Updated to 1.2 Fixed: #7 Delta - SetObjectTexture issue Added: New Mission - Hell on Wheels -C0-8 (Celle 2) http://dl.dropbox.com/u/43237451/Missions/Fox%20QuickOp%20Pack.rar
  9. Blackfox34

    Blackfox34 Presents:

    Not at the moment, I could easily finish it within a month if the interest is there. I got sidetracked with the realism aspect and having to make missions for members to play so I've had less time to focus on Singleplayer, etc. I'll try to put out mission #2 soon. The main issue before was cutscenes. I hate dealing with the camera.sqs, however, I wanted to release a quality campaign. ---------- Post added at 10:06 AM ---------- Previous post was at 09:57 AM ---------- There is no respawn in most of my missions. Only the ACE incapacitated thing with the timer. I put it in mainly because it's a little more realistic than the just the standard ACE wounding system, which gives you very little time to get to someone and treat them. I'll test out putting the box in the back, since the boat is in there there isn't much room to spawn in so I'll see how the crate affects things. Normally, I would just chuck one in.
  10. Stagler BROZ The bros over at Talon BROZ want an ACE version of the mission. I tried loading them on our server before and it crashed everyones games after we loaded it.
  11. Blackfox34

    Blackfox34 Presents:

    @ idl0r The Joint Strike Force mission ACE version requires the TF86 TEMP SF pack. I've messaged them about it before, but it's a weird situation. Ardvardkb gave me permission to use addons for public missions and give out the link to download them, but he doesn't really want them hosted on armaholic/a public announcement on the BI forums last time I talked to him. You can grab the TF86 TEMP SF Pack by looking at his signature on the BI forums or via the link I provided in my first post under the mission. Here it is again: http://www.mediafire.com/?24ei75m9wj9w6mo @Variable - Sure thing, as before just send me a PM which ones you want and I'll adjust them for you :) In other news: Updated SEA, AIR, AND LAND to version 1.1 Changelog: Fixed some trigger synchronizations download link: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/43237451/Mis...SeaAirLand.rar
  12. Defintely is a cool idea. Looking forward to seeing how this progresses.
  13. Well it was worth a shot a guy can dream right, but wait you didn't rule out a DPV yet did you?:p BTW Sabre you are a legend at texture that looks pristine. I think both look fine, I'm not sure if there was a period of time where the DCU was a bit lighter/darker as you can find evidence of both. I guess it's really up to what you think looks better. Here's some examples of both a lighter version as you have and some as Sabre posted. http://i52.tinypic.com/bhx5rt.jpg http://www.usmilitariaforum.com/uploads//monthly_09_2010/post-341-1285535067.jpg http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-Y2uSkbMhiHg/T1j72FN6uOI/AAAAAAAADGk/w0C0kWCtsH0/s1600/DSCN2150.JPG http://i56.tinypic.com/2mpwi7n.jpg
  14. Yes, i'll take them all!!! On another note, the GMVs in vanilla ARMA/ACE are so outdated. The fire-power that are attached to those things is negated by the lack of armor. Try rolling around an urban environment in those things and have fun enjoying your new wounds. There's countless photos of guys using these in the early days of Iraq/Afghanistan and techincally we are still in the early 2000s if you think about it ;) May I also suggest: http://www.militaryfactory.com/armor/imgs/scorpion-dpv-fav.jpg There is someone who made a DPV already but you can't download it anymore and if i remember it wasn't too great quality wise.