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The Lerch

Common Issues Today - For Devs

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Here are a few issues I run into consistently while playing today...in order of annoyance...


1.) loot creates costing me materials... lost over 400 chemicals, 200 electronics, 700 glass, and countless metal parts, while opening crates. i now have no incentive to open crates if I am trying to stockpile resources.


2.) Dead bodies making noise... in highly contested areas, the sound of dead bodies constantly hitting the ground drowns out the noise of a potential enemy.


3.) Reloading when you have a full clip of ammo... usually while trying to be stealthy i will open a door or loot a drawer and my character will reload my fully loaded gun, alerting everyone within a certain radius of my location.


4.) Bushes acting as cover. It is a weird dynamic. hiding in a bush near by only to find someone else in the same bush, and if you shoot while in the bush, no one will take damage. which leads to weird fights... i actually wouldn't have too much of a problem with this if there were grenades or a better way to fight people hiding in bushes.


5.) Crazy fall damage. sometimes the fall damage is just too much. ill have to heal most of my health before i even see someone thanks to running down a hill, or running off a rock that launches me higher than i expected.


would really enjoy seeing most of these changed, or fixed in the next update. But AS ALWAYS, only posting this to open dialogue between devs and players.



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Hello there, let's jump directly to your feedback:

1. Thank you for letting us know, this is a known issue and we are currently looking into this. Should be fixed asap.

2 + 3 - We will make sure to look into these. I have forwarded it to the team but don't know if it's known and consistent issue or not.

4.- The Bushes should have been fixed in our last smaller update but I will make sure to check with the team if some issues still do remain


5. - We are currently working on some tweaks.

As always thank you so much for all of this valuable feedback!

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2&3 happen to me in almost 100% of my encounters. If you let me know where to send the videos, I will gladly send some examples




there seem to be some issues with picking up defeated enemies weapons. Specifically, they always seem to have a single bullet in the chamber and sometimes won’t reload right away, or won’t reload at all. And yes, in these instances I make sure I have picked up the reserve ammo off the body as well.


thank you for responding back promptly! It makes this game extra cool if you have open dialogue with y’all!

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