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  1. The Lerch

    Safe contents

    when i first started playing, the safe was almost all ammo and weapon parts I would say guaranteed weapons in the safe would increase the value for alot of players struggling to get higher tier guns. the supplies found in the safe right now are great for beginners getting their shelter up and running, but as you progress and need specific supplies the safe loses its value for the risk. i usually go for the safe when im close by and someone else has started unlocking it.
  2. The Lerch

    Best places to find certain supplies in bulk?

    @Kuljack my GT : King Vaderr message me on Xbox and I’ll show you were to get wire and metal parts fast also I can show you where to get even more fertilizer on fjellkanten! good tip for gas! I’ll use that.
  3. The Lerch

    Best places to find certain supplies in bulk?

    @Oldninja thanks for looking out! But I’d honestly enjoy the challenge! When I become marked for death, I rarely leave right away. People bring their loot to me, and as long as you keep moving, you can bait people. if you wanna camp these spots hoping that I’m still on the gas grind, be my guest 🙂
  4. The Lerch

    Best places to find certain supplies in bulk?

    @wyvern01 top 30 in food easily have a +20 kd. And I am confident if I had a constant tracker on me for everyone to know my location it would still be unfair for them. Plus look what happens when you ask! Got a lot if good responses. GT: King Vaderr if you you see me in your lobby, just head to the exit 😉
  5. @Cry2yourMoM i would agree. I am the person with money to blow on games I like. However I haven’t spent money on this game since buying the founders pack back in February. My biggest deterrent for spending money on this game are 1. Losing crowns due to game drop. It is theft; although not intentional. (And prior to the antenna fiasco I had faith in the devs to correct this with crown reimbursement for all or something) 2. The value of crowns is weak. Even with the old antenna values. A maxed antenna use to produce 20 crowns per day. Thats 140 a week or 3 crate upgrades.... I can go through 5-8 games per hour... 3. Game has become pretty great since playing in February, but is still an update or two away from me feeling like I’m gambling crowns on my skill instead of gambling on my game connection. given these 3 factors, there is plenty of things to try to boost sales. But when the community has constantly commented about losing crowns due to connection issues and no reimbursement; nerfing the only sure way to earn crowns... is anything but rational.
  6. The Lerch

    Crashes with matchmaking

    Have you tried uninstalling, then reinstalling? I have not seen this issue anywhere, so it may have a simple solution.
  7. @Fireball1361 nerf means to weaken or make less effective
  8. I have pictures of both of these tweets, however I can’t seem to upload pictures from my phones camera roll. Sep 27 a tweet from @lathspel came out saying “borderland Bridges seems to disrupt the antenna signal in shelter. Expect lower amount of crowns until it adjusts to the new situation” -blaming the nerf on a bug THEN sep 30 a tweet from @vigorthegame “ you may have noticed your antenna was tweaked over the weekend- producing a lower amount of crowns we are currently testing this change and are open to your feedback” two contradicting messages... one unanimously angry player base over changes. We are glad you “listen” to feedback, now is probably a good time to react to it; Clearly and as a team. ps- it would be pretty easy to boost sales if you lower the cost for crowns and increase their value. A common solution I’ve seen straight from the community of your game. Psps- can’t express enough how terrible of a decision it was to mess with the antenna unannounced and make it virtually worthless. If you want to increase player retention, there needs to be more games with loot boosted. If no one invests in a game I almost always head straight for the exit. hope this helps! -vigor veteran
  9. The Lerch

    Reimbursement for glitched terrain?

    so don't play? no one gives a poop if you don't like a free game. lmao
  10. The Lerch

    Best places to find certain supplies in bulk?

    Thanks for the response! Let me preface this post. I’m a vigor king. Top 30 food donated. I know where basic items can be found. I’m looking for the exceptions. For example the gas station on viktorsen station has 6 cans in one spot. I’ve come to learn the forest dump on dverg forest has about 4-5 cans in one spot. These are the locations I’m looking for
  11. Just throwing this out there to the devs. Sometimes while upgrading my food boxes, they won’t produce any food until the upgrade is complete. Now ya know
  12. The Lerch

    Nerfed antenna.

    not permanent gang! Just a glitch!
  13. @Pyrit. Just noticed this as well. Been excitedly upgrading my antenna lately, and now max lvl wouldn’t even come close to 10 per day. ( the original lvl 1 antenna production) This is clearly a money play, but the encounters getting boosted seems rare enough lately. And even if they are boosted I only ever see green and blue crates. Which are still pretty garbage. vigor devs, going the wrong way on this one. This game isn’t pay to win it is pay to increase the fun. And now we can expect even more stingy lobbies and boring games
  14. as my shelter continues to grow my need for certain items increases. i have some go to places for certain supplies, but not for everything. for example: if i need metal parts or wire, Fjellkanten is the place to go hands down. if i need electronics, im going to Dverg forest. however i am at a loss for supplies like gas and fertilizer. found some good fertilizer spread out along fjellkanten, but only if someone invests in the loot. my main question is; does anyone have a go to map/location for gas?? right now I head to Viktorsen Station, and go to the gas station. but that map is getting very little action at the moment.
  15. The Lerch

    2 bugs about ammo

    whats left in your mag automatically gets deposited back into your shelter.