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Question about camouflage values

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I'm adding a new uniform with a ghillie suit and wanted to look into making the uniform less visible to AI. I looked at the documentation (here) and it says:



camouflage = 1.5;                   // How likely this character is spotted (smaller number = more stealthy).


So, a lower number means less visible. Got it. I then looked to see what the camouflage value was for vanilla ghillie suits and found that those seem to all be set at 2. OK. 


Next, I checked on other soldiers to establish a baseline value so I could make my adjustments, and found that generally vanilla uniform camouflage is around 1.4, which means less visible than the ghillie uniform.  Huh. 


Can anyone explain this to me? Here are a few thoughts I've had that might explain this:


1. Higher is actually less visible. 

2. The theory is based on units in open / urban areas, so a ghillie suit would be more visible.  

3. There is some other value that I should be adjusting. 

4. Something else.. 


Any insights would be appreciated!  



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