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Spawning as seagulls after reconnect

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Hi, some ppl in my group experience bug which spawn them as seagulls when they try to connect after mission start (they are late/arma crashed/lost connection).
Lets say if this person lost connection and he is trying to join back he spawn as seagull but his character (AI) its alive and working as normal, when he connects on additional slot with AI switched off he spawns without problem. 
Thing is this didn't happend before (2-3 months ago) and we didn't change mods in this time (image below). Mission was w/o any additional scripts in editor and inside mission folder only mission.sqm
Server logs at the time of reconnection
first player
21:30:49 Loading movesType CfgMovesBird
21:30:49 Creating action map cache
21:30:49 MovesType CfgMovesBird load time 23 ms
21:31:20 Client: Remote object 19:0 not found
21:31:22 No speaker given for 'Kyle Thomson'
second player
21:32:28 Client: Remote object 20:0 not found
21:32:32 No speaker given for 'Ethan Hill'

Any idea if mods are problem, maybe something with server(dedicated)? Or how can i fix this. 


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