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trying to zero an aircraft hud.....

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anyone familiar with aircraft HUDs that would let me pick their brain a little bit....


Im working on a MirageIII and all my ordnance falls consistently 150m short of the CCIP indicators.


Im unsure as to how the engine actually calculates the "impactpoint" or glide path of the ordnance. I am concerned i may be missing something.... i literally cannot hit the broad side of a barn.

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First of all, I would recommend using macros. What you are experiencing are wrong parallax values (pos10). Once you get your config macrofied, it's only about tweaking

#define SizeX10deg (0.196*3.1)
#define SizeY10deg (0.175*3.1)

via experimentation. Usage of diag_mergeConfigFile is REQUIRED otherwise you are going to waste 999 weeks for restarting game to see ingame results every time you change some value...


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