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Section 7 We just chilling

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We are a relaxed milsim unit with a PMC structure. We Currently have 4 platoons (1st, 2nd,HQ)but are expanding to a 4th platoon.

1st and 2nd platoon are structured as 3 squad standard riflemen platoons, HQ platoon has our medics aviation, FISTORs and a new mortar section. 3rd platoon which is currently in the organizing stages will be a heavy weapons platoon

We take pride in a relaxed structure but keep in mind once we are engaged in a OP we fairly serious (most of the time.) We are always cracking jokes and having a good time. When ever we are not in an OP feel free to be single and ready to mingle with one in the TeamSpeak. We encourage playing with each other in other games as well.

We have a Short training that last tops 2 hours which covers all your basic movement and weapons that we use.

We Allow you to you any weapon and camouflage with 2 rules to keep in mind

1.      Your weapon must accept a 5.56 Stanag Mag (unless you are the 240 gunner)

2.      Don’t look like a Russian or insurgent force.

I personally love the unit and everyone in it. We can all take joke and enjoy being around each other

OP times

Saturday OP (not mandatory) 1900 (7:00 PM)

Sunday OP (mandatory unless you let us know you cannot make it)

We are very flexible with people’s schedules and I can testify to that personally because I myself have a fairly hectic schedule.

Please Join us on our TeamSpeak and poke any one that is a TO, SO, SOC and we will be more than happy to answer any questions and give you a full run down about the day to day goings in the group.

TS: section7.ts.nfoservers.com

Website: https://www.s7-gaming.com/

Discord: https://discord.gg/dwZY9Nr

My Steam ID: GER_MEX

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