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Project Conflict: NorthHD's Config Files

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Project Conflict




This is the main hub for a new addon project, meant to add in some conflicts and factions that aren't typically covered as much but would still make for interesting gameplay/missions/photography. All of the mods you see below unless noted otherwise are mostly based on config files using existing assets, so you'll need the base mods to play them. However, custom insignia may be added to better represent certain nations and organizations. Additionally, it is important to note that because of using existing equipment, these mods are not 100% accurate. This is, however, far less noticeable if you are using the factions as an OPFOR.


Mod List


Philippines Factions: Adds the Armed Forces of the Philippines, Moro Islamic Liberation Front, and Abu Sayyaf.


To Do List


  • Yom Kippur War Factions
  • Myanmar Army + Kachin Independence Army
  • NPA for Philippines Factions mod
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