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Problem with mods redownloading

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I have a very big issue with mods at the moment. Overnight I installed 21 gb worth of mods on slow internet. When I woke up it finished, but in the Arma launcher it shows all the mods are waiting to be downloaded. Then it tried to download all 21 gb again through steam. I looked in the steam/steamapps/workshop/downloads/107410 and all the mods are there and all downloaded. Why is it not recognizing these are installed already?


3 mods are actually functional and recognized as being installed. 

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I've had this problem on and off for a LONG TIME. 


Did you ever DELETE a mod before unsubscribing to it?


If you did, resubscribe to it, let it download then unsubscribe. It may fix the issue. It has to do with mods removed from the Steam Workshop by the authors without warning before the user could unsubscribe and it created an infinite update mod vs mod is blocked but still exists on user HD loop.


You can check by:

  • login to Steam
  • goto ARMA 3 workshop
  • on the middle right, under your profile that state Your Workshop Files, click in the YOUR FILES drop down and select subscribed mods. 
  • Check each mod to make sure its still the workshop... I know, tedious... if you find a mod that is no longer there, BACK IT UP to another folder, then CONSIDER to unsubscribe to it...



  • GOTO your STEAM folder,
  • OEPN LOGS folder
  • look for lines with ACCESS DENIED such as from my logs:


[AppID 107410] Get details for item 810406203 failed : Access Denied


Then you need to find the mod listed under the folder number - in above case 810406203 - MAKE A COPY and BACKUP if you want to keep it, then unsubscribe it from your lists of subscribed mods. After you've done this for all mods, it should clear the problem.


Or wait a day for the Steam server to kick back in and skip the updating. Steam had set my account and should have globally done this for ARMA Workshop users to automatically SKIP updating author hidden / blocked or removed workshop mods so we don't have to go through the above step.


You can email STEAM Customer Support about it via the STEAM client to check.

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