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Ok, here is my current list of bugz as well as some videos on the matter.

First off, bullets hitting in places they should not be hitting. I have many videos here on demonstrating the occurrences and some even showing the impacts where I am "NOT" aiming at. 

At the test range with the AK 74, third person view while soft aiming at the scarecrow just off to my right. You can clearly see the crosshairs over the body of the scarecrow, dead center mass, but no matter how many times I shoot, he does not fall over. Also apparently the bullets are hitting the top of the inside of the tent. Sparks flying all over inside the tent, and the bullets hitting solid metal sounds are from the inside of the tent, not outside. Am downloading the videos to xboxdvr.com now, but will not be available immediately upon posting this topic. The closest thing I have right now is kinda a part 2 into the next bug I feel.
The next bug may be a part 1.5 as it seems that the gun scopes are off. I have attempted to use a scoped weapon 3 times now, and 2 of those times, my bullet strikes was very off from where my reticle was targeting. In all honesty I think it was because I laid down before attempting to snipe and after that, the bullets was shooting way low.....very way low. I do not know what weapon this was as it is the ultra super rare sniper rifle with scope, but you can plainly see my reticle aiming at the target, but my shots hit the snow https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/wizardo3/video/65556999

I also had a similar instance, with the M21, but instead of hitting something right in front of me, my shots wound up hitting the top of a barrel that my target was standing in front of, even though my reticle was aiming above the chest of said target.


The next bug, and the most common one I have experienced is the ladder bug. I have noticed that it is very hard to get off of a ladder from time to time, especially the hunting blind ladders. I am "CONSTANTLY" getting stuck on these ladders and have found it to be a better idea to fall off instead of climbing down, even though it can cause physical harm to my player to fall from that sort of distance. Video here https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/wizardo3/video/65557405


Another huge bug I noticed by sheer accident, character rendering is absolutely horrid! While attempting to open a vault, I had someone enter into the building that I was housed up in. One thing I learned from PUBG is to always close doors behind you, and as such I followed muscle memory and closed the door I came in. As such, the person who entered the building behind me had to open the door to get in and I was waiting for them. The door opened and no one was there. Suspecting someone had opened it to peek through it in third person I started to lazily take cover when the person literally materialized right there in the door way.....Im not even joking or making some sort of weird synonym. First his jacket popped up, then his head, pants, and knife. Like a weird magic trick. I think I got a video of this happening, will have to wait till its uploaded.


Last but not least is desync. I have had quite a few instances of people "teleporting, shooting me after I get to cover, and times where I get 3 shots into the back of someone and they turn around and one shot me. But even though I got 2 or 3 shots into them, I never got a single hit marker. Again, will have video evidence, but not currently on hand now.


Oh, and its not a bug, but my biggest complaint about the game, dead crates disappear too quickly.....Had a scuffle with a couple people who decided to team up, and the long and short of it. I had 4 loot boxes to dig through BEFORE I knew of the carrying limit and rarity of certain loot. Just about the time I thought I had gotten what I wanted from the first two crates, seems the 3rd and fourth disappeared?....well, they did not disappear, but they lost their lids and was not loot able. :(

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