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  1. wizardO3

    Unfair "co-op"

    more duos in single player mode....bumped into these guys a couple times all throughout the day https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/wizardo3/video/65586233
  2. wizardO3

    we killed each other?

    So yeah, this happened today https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/wizardo3/video/65586152
  3. Hey guys, I have seen many posts now about how you can't upload the video or such from your DVR. I use this website as it is free, however I will say that it is "very" advertisement heavy. Its automatic, so you don't have to worry about hooking up an account. Just type in your gamer tag, and poof. All your DVR's and screenshots are right there. https://xboxdvr.com/
  4. Ok, here is my current list of bugz as well as some videos on the matter. First off, bullets hitting in places they should not be hitting. I have many videos here on demonstrating the occurrences and some even showing the impacts where I am "NOT" aiming at. At the test range with the AK 74, third person view while soft aiming at the scarecrow just off to my right. You can clearly see the crosshairs over the body of the scarecrow, dead center mass, but no matter how many times I shoot, he does not fall over. Also apparently the bullets are hitting the top of the inside of the tent. Sparks flying all over inside the tent, and the bullets hitting solid metal sounds are from the inside of the tent, not outside. Am downloading the videos to xboxdvr.com now, but will not be available immediately upon posting this topic. The closest thing I have right now is kinda a part 2 into the next bug I feel. The next bug may be a part 1.5 as it seems that the gun scopes are off. I have attempted to use a scoped weapon 3 times now, and 2 of those times, my bullet strikes was very off from where my reticle was targeting. In all honesty I think it was because I laid down before attempting to snipe and after that, the bullets was shooting way low.....very way low. I do not know what weapon this was as it is the ultra super rare sniper rifle with scope, but you can plainly see my reticle aiming at the target, but my shots hit the snow https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/wizardo3/video/65556999 I also had a similar instance, with the M21, but instead of hitting something right in front of me, my shots wound up hitting the top of a barrel that my target was standing in front of, even though my reticle was aiming above the chest of said target. The next bug, and the most common one I have experienced is the ladder bug. I have noticed that it is very hard to get off of a ladder from time to time, especially the hunting blind ladders. I am "CONSTANTLY" getting stuck on these ladders and have found it to be a better idea to fall off instead of climbing down, even though it can cause physical harm to my player to fall from that sort of distance. Video here https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/wizardo3/video/65557405 Another huge bug I noticed by sheer accident, character rendering is absolutely horrid! While attempting to open a vault, I had someone enter into the building that I was housed up in. One thing I learned from PUBG is to always close doors behind you, and as such I followed muscle memory and closed the door I came in. As such, the person who entered the building behind me had to open the door to get in and I was waiting for them. The door opened and no one was there. Suspecting someone had opened it to peek through it in third person I started to lazily take cover when the person literally materialized right there in the door way.....Im not even joking or making some sort of weird synonym. First his jacket popped up, then his head, pants, and knife. Like a weird magic trick. I think I got a video of this happening, will have to wait till its uploaded. Last but not least is desync. I have had quite a few instances of people "teleporting, shooting me after I get to cover, and times where I get 3 shots into the back of someone and they turn around and one shot me. But even though I got 2 or 3 shots into them, I never got a single hit marker. Again, will have video evidence, but not currently on hand now. Oh, and its not a bug, but my biggest complaint about the game, dead crates disappear too quickly.....Had a scuffle with a couple people who decided to team up, and the long and short of it. I had 4 loot boxes to dig through BEFORE I knew of the carrying limit and rarity of certain loot. Just about the time I thought I had gotten what I wanted from the first two crates, seems the 3rd and fourth disappeared?....well, they did not disappear, but they lost their lids and was not loot able. :(
  5. wizardO3

    Trapped by a bed frame

    In order to access and send your screen shots and videos you have taken with your DVR, simply use this website to access all of your recordings. https://xboxdvr.com/
  6. wizardO3

    Unfair "co-op"

    Had this happen to me the other day, heard some gun shots, went to hunting, and seen the first guy. Started getting lined up to take a shot and then second dude wandered out.....thought they was going to go toe to toe, but instead they both started looting the dead guy crate together! well, long story short. I hit the crap out of the first guy who ran away, second guy got scared and ran the other way, another player showed up and took care of the guy I shot, then the other guy who was teaming killed the random who showed up and didn't know what was happening, and I took care of the teamer.....I had 4 loot boxes to myself XD Sadly they started disappearing after I figured out I had a carrying cap limit. :(
  7. Ok, after playing this game religiously for a week now {and after I finally gave up on PUBG}, Id thought I give a whole slew of thoughts and ideas on what I would like to experience in the world of vigor. First and foremost, weapons. Honestly I love the current set up of weapons and the feel of finding various rarity of weapons, parts used to build weapons, so forth and so on. But I truly wish to have a larger variety added later on. Im sure there has already been mention of other weapons to be implemented into the game, but I do want my opinion to be added on at least. Next, would like to see some form of attachments added in later on. Maybe a silencer option for some of the higher rarity weapons, or perhaps different styles of scopes for the weapons that already offer scope attached to the weapon. Maybe someone doesn't like the huge scope on the M21 and wants a smaller one. Or maybe different colored reticle. Last but not least, can you offer the ability to break weapons down? I have had a few instances where I had more weapons than I could carry, but would have at least liked the option to tear the weapon down into parts for later building. Ok, not going to go into weapons too much here, but would like to ask for other clothing options. Right now Im kinda stuck on the Indiana jones apparel. Now Im not against the adventurer look, but since it is kinda supposed to be a post apocalyptic situation, I would have figured that either I would be running around in left over super store junk {yellow t shirts, hoodies, running pants} or would have the ability to come up with my own type of clothing from scraps of fabric. Also I feel like there should be the ability to craft or find a ghillie suit. Maybe it can take up one of the weapon slots so that it is not too over powered? Next is the shelter. While I love the ability to "level up" the stuff in it, I just wish it could be much more personalized. Maybe some one wants a castle instead of a shack, or perhaps a military grade bomb shelter! I have noticed there is a customize tab in the building menu already that has not been filled out, I just hope that there is some extra thoughts put into place here. Heck, maybe a hospital or prison look and feel could make things interesting. Also, while there are a few interactive tools in place to help in the collection of materials, I do feel like its kinda empty. Maybe needs some additional workshops with different abilities per upgrade, instead of just "collect stuff". Last but not least, the gun range.....Everything seems ok, but again, just wish you could add a couple personal touches...Instead of scarecrows and dinner plates, clowns and balloons? . Ok, enough about the personal stuff, time for gameplay. First and foremost, the absolutely one addition to the game that would be an absolute first, but best.....Proximity chat!!!! The one thing PUBG failed to deliver to their xbox customers was proximity chat. It would have changed the game up so wonderfully, and even though its an absolute battle royal, one player wins, nothing less. I feel like maybe vigor can be different. I feel like maybe it can be a touch bit more friendly. And not so much as the "hey lets team up" as it could be "hey, you got any nails you would like to trade?" Granted, there will still be the hecklers and teamers, but as its already been mentioned, teaming is already a thing. Not much you can do to prevent that. But on top of that, you can still get the classic banter between two opposing forces. Just got to offer a way for people to turn it off and on as they wish. Now while interaction between the players should for all intents and purposes be exploited to the best of your abilities, I also think that there should be additional locations to be discovered in the current maps. And I strongly believe there should be a "hot zone" in each map where there can be multiple chests of general supplies should be located. Sometimes not everyone is looking to get the ultra rare 7.62 ammo, maybe they just was 80 nails for their next settlement upgrade. These locations may draw the much more passive players to within tight proximity to one another, as well as a few extra places to loot. If by accident at least. Last but not least, I think take down methods should be added to the game for those who decide to use a melee weapon. A little bit of encouragement to attempt to go into a game with nothing more than stealth and sharp blade. Maybe make it an achievement as well. Im sure I can think of more if I tried, but I also got some bugs to be posting as well. So there ya go for now at least. :P
  8. wizardO3

    Its me, wizardO3!

    Hello ladies and gentlemen! Its me from xbox pubg, wizardO3! For those who don't know me, Im a very fowl mouthed, blunt but honest, and very laid back casual gamer who can put in a solid 8 hours of gameplay a day. :P Have to admit, I kinda like this new game. Like the ability to go all out like a battle royal, or just sit back and take it easy while waiting for the opportune moment. I especially like the extra shelter progress on the side as well. But there are a couple of other things Id like to ask about, offer up for future development ideas, and so forth. With all that said and done, if anyone knows me, wassup?! For those who don't, you might soon. ;)