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Soldiers Marching Rifle on Back

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I have discovered a way to get ArmA 3 soldiers marching with rifles on the back, this also works for ArmA 1 & 2.

I have seen on other forums that ArmA players would like to have soldiers marching with their rifles on the back, mainly for cutscene animation.


So here is my solution :-


In a script the syntax is ...  soldier1 playMove "AmovPercMwlkSnonWnonDf", this will make the unit put his rifle on his back and take a few steps forward, however he will then stop and take his rifle off his back.

To prevent this you can use for "_x" from 0 to 20 do {soldier1 playMove "AmovPercMwlkSnonWnonDf"} and the unit will walk much further before removing his rifle from his back.


soldier1 is a variable name that I used in the units variable name box.


For continious movement you can use while {true} do {soldier1 playMove "AmovPercMwlkSnonWnonDf"}  and he will walk forever, you can't use waypoints because this is an animation but you can setup triggers to change the units direction.


Here is a link to a small clip I made earlier, you will need to download it because Google drive will not play it directly.


ArmA 3 Soldiers Marching Rifles on back

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I  swear that back in the alpha, rifles were holstered on the back for AI in safe mode, sometime before beta this got changed for some reason without any way to conveniently do this other than brute forcing the animation, which comes with its own downsides obviously.

Glad you found a workaround, video looks pretty fluid as well.

You could probably use an animation eventhandler to override all animations, might be a bit more elegant.



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