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Trouble Spawning in an Eden Editor Mission.

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I've recently started working with the Eden Editor again, and I've run into a problem with spawning.


I've placed spawn points,  playable soldiers, edited game settings and I still keep spawning in the ocean at (0,0).


Everything is working fine (except for the zues module) when I test it in the editor, both in single and multiplayer.


However upon hosting a server, selecting the mission, and playing it, I still spawn in the water.


Yes, I have exported the mission to multiplayer.


Any help would be appreciated, thank you!


Sorry if some of the pictures are a bit blurry. 

Soldier settings:89FD5FBCF4ADF5D48E5B2FAED393274ABB073A0F

Attributes >> Multiplayer: 243A16EB017DF03360C708AC7E498AC3E4ECC418

Respawn points:DFFE0F74CCA643066CBCBCB7D4156D1471A660E0


Spawning in the water:68692F09825757D6509F4DA719F7C18D5AE4E321

(You can see where I spawn in the bottom left, and something spawned where I was supposed to.)


Zues module that wont work, would appreciate any help with this as well:BD9CEA16B844CE7E8D51406B8EB7B0497C597785


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