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Utopia PMC [recruiting]

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Full name: Utopia Private Military contractors.
Server location: The Netherlands
Language: English
Timezone: CEST+2
Realism: Tactical-realism
server uptime: 24/7

Who are we:

Utopia PMC is a multinational tactical realism community. The server is located in The Netherlands, but our default language is English.
We treat everyone as a friend, and are patient with new player, because everyone has to start somewhere.
Our goal is to create a community in which everyone's opinion counts and that's also the way decisions are made.
At the moment we are a small group but we seek to expand.


How do we play:

We play co-operative game modes, and the default game-mode is liberation (altis).
During missions we tend to be quite serious, but we do make jokes in the meanwhile.


What do we require from you:

Most important: Respectful and friendly behavior to everyone.
and we can really appreciate a proper working microphone
We require no specific courses, playtime, age or any kind of donation.



We like to keep the server as accessible as possible, so for now no mods are required to play.
we do however allow enhanced movement and advanced visuals, and run a few server side mods (for example: A3 wounding system)
If the community will be come large enough we will probably will install mods like ACE.


When do we play:

We are mostly active on friday, saterday and sunday (timezone: CEST+2).
For now most game sessions are started from our discord.



for further information we advice you to join our Discord.

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