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(MP) Ravage Altis Wasteland

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Copied text from my steam workshop page containing this same mission (https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1429443104)


The SP-Multiplayer style sandbox survival scenario places you in the Ravaged Wasteland of Altis. The backstory of your character will be listed in your briefing.

Take note that in this mission every time you die, you LOSE all of your belongings excluding your uniform (you can barely carry any stuff with your underwear uniform anyway). You can choose to run and get those items back or accept your losses and move on. Take note however, if you take too long to get those items, they WILL disappear. So be quick!

In terms of respawning, you will be respawning at one location by default however you can find hidden respawn camps at friendly "areas". So if you do come across these areas, START EXPLORING to find them!

Difficulty recommendations:
-Turn on enemy and allied tags (to differentiate enemy and ally)
-Turn off player and enemy markings on the map
-Disable Third person
-Turn off reduced damage 

Known bugs:
-For one friendly area, there is supposed to be a weapons display on a table. The weapons show up on the table in SP and editor but not in MP

-Sometimes zombies and AI can walk through walls surrounding the survivor areas
-Sometimes zombies may not attack the player 
-Large survivor areas may cause lag and sudden fps drops if your system isn't beefy enough to handle it

-Saving and exiting the mission while the respawn counter is going down will break the mission and force you to restart it, SO DON'T DO IT!

Mod requirements:



-3eden enhanced


-Cup weapons, units, vehicles, terrains-core

-Enhanced movement


-Extended fortification mod

-Friths Ruins

-WarfareThai EX

-Niarms all in one


-DBO horses


Can i manually save in this MP mission?
-No you can't, don't try even if the "save" option is there. It's not going to work at all but you can save & exit though.

But I want to keep all of my stuff when i die, can you make a version where that happens?
-Well my mission is aimed towards being hardcore, so your best option is to edit the mission to your own likings

Can I play this in SP?
-No, see question below

Why do i spawn in the ocean at the top-left corner of the map when trying to play SP?
-This is due to the respawn system I have implemented, so it is best to try to play MP at this point. Besides, this is a SP scenario that relies on MP mechanics.

Why can't I open backpack of others?
-This is done so that people can't steal stuff from the trader's or an ai survivor's backpack, though you can possibly open the ai's backpack if you try hard enough. Take note, AI survivors will shoot you on sight if you take 2 items (whether they were your stored items or not) from an ai's backpack. So don't even bother.

Can I play this with another player?
-As of right now, not really. This mission was designed for 1 player. I will make another version for co-op if requested by many people.

Why did you add more respawn positions?
-It is done to add replayability for the scenario
-Players will get tired of the old starting respawn point esp. when they need to restart their entire mission due to A3 updating, corrupted saves etc.
-Players will be allowed to explore more of the altis wasteland


Mission Download (V1.8)https://drive.google.com/file/d/1z1z3lc-IjvsZUDmX0D1cWPlpPXoqdVlT/view?usp=sharing



Older versions











-Released mission on bohemia forums


-Changed safe zones to delete ai instead of forcing them to retreat (AI's were not retreating as expected)

-Added "smoke" and "lighting" signals to friendly areas including the starting one, thus making it easy for players to find their way back to the area during night.


-Added a "chemlight box" & to each friendly survivor area

-Added loot storage boxes to each friendly survivor area


-Replaced all "Chemlight" boxes with ones containing flashlights from Brick's "flashlight mod" 
-Fixed a problem where certain gates to survivor areas won't open

-Added zombie blacklists & bigger safe zones to large survivor areas to improve performance
-Issue with survivor guards and traders not staying still should be fixed
-Forced survivor guards to "stand up" at all times (Just so that they can actually hit something and not "wuss out")
-Removed ai vehicle patrol for now until I can find a way to lessen their presence (found 8 Car patrols under 5 minutes in cities and such)

-Removed the "flashlight" box and went back with the old chemlight boxes
-Added weapon flashlights to go alongside the chemlights
-Removed random radioactive areas due to safe zones failing to exclude them for some reason (will put back in if problem is solved)
-Added radioactive water and rain to replace random radioactive areas
-Reduced default activation distance for ai to match vehicle activation distance (both right now being 350m)
-Reduced activation distance multiplier (to improve performance)

-Added more starting respawn points
-Removed starting respawn point (players will no longer spawn at the small survivor camp)
-Small starting survivor camp is now a "survivor area" that players can find
-Re-created story to accompany the new starting respawn points
-Bandit camps are now dynamically randomized and will disappear if player is not near it for certain amounts of time (will reappear somewhere else)
-Allowed players to earn banknotes for each zombie killed
-Increased mod requirements due to the newly implemented random bandit camps that require it

-"Manually placed vehicles" can no longer be damaged
-Added more "manually placed" vehicles (Visiting the survivor camps will let you know what i mean :D)
-Fixed an issue where you couldn't buy nor sell stuff to weapon traders in a survivor area
-Added a "hidden respawn camp" item to a survivor area that didn't have it
-Increased chances of getting loot from lootable items

-Replaced current VD's bandit camp system with his new improved one
-Added VD's randomized shipwreck spawner that can contain high end loot (found randomly on the shores)
-Included VD's heli-crash sites 
-Added horse-mod as a dependency to allow people to ride horses in game :)
-Added hideouts
-Updated scenario along with using VD's latest scripts




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Well done lv1234 !


Have a Good start and Congratulations !

It would be very good to add also some pics.!

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New update has been released! 


Thanks to Vandeanson, the bandit camps are now heavily randomized. They will randomly spawn around the map and disappear if player isn't close to it. They will then appear somewhere else. I also apologize for the increase of required mods since the improved Bandit Camp scripts requires those extra mods to work


Also players can now earn $ for killing a zombie! This should encourage people to kill zombies not only for their own survival but for a small reward. 

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