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TFK Is recruiting for Infantry and Armor

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Unit Introduction

TFK is recruiting new members for Friday and Saturday evening events. We are a semi realistic milsim unit, which means we strive for realism and discipline during events, but do not require perfect military communication and lingo to be used. We currently have a roster of about 60 people and you can expect about 15-20 people per event not including the zeus (who controls the mission and AI movements, for those unfamiliar). We are seeking able bodied soldiers who are mature and able to learn. We do muliple different themed campaigns with interesting focuses and changing stories that are affected by performance and decisions made on the op. Each campaign can last anywhere between two and four months depending on our feedback. We will be starting a US Army campaign in Esbekistan on 6/8/2018 where we will be conducting anti-terrorism operations. In the past we have done PMC, WW2, Vietnam, Russian Special Forces, and many others. We are a modded community, however, all our mods are easily available on a Steam list (see below) and are updated for your convienence, just have to subscribe and it will all be downloaded. If your interested add me and send me a message. Training will be given to all, so inexpierience with our mod list or game can be worked out. All recruits will be brought into Teamspeak and given a brief interview before having the option to do Basic then, or some other time that they are able.
Further, optionional information to follow below. (Including op times, promotion guide, what we cover in basic and other information). 
Cpl. Axelyoder

In addition to Infantry we are primarily recruiting for Armor. We have only two slots filled and are looking for a total number of at least 3 full vehicle crews, so we are looking for drivers, commanders and gunners. Air also still has some slots open.

Event Days

Monday - Officer/NCO Staff Meeting - 9:00 P.M. EST 

Tuesday - No Event Currently Scheduled

Wednesday - No Event Currently Scheduled

Thursday - No Event Currently Scheduled

Friday - Task Force Kronos Op - 9:00 EST, Main Op - 10:00 P.M. EST 

Saturday - Task Force Kronos Mini Op - 9:00 EST, Main Op - 10:00 P.M. EST 

Sunday - No Event Currently Scheduled


Steam Mod List



TFK Modern 

By: Xgames48


Official Arma Page

Our Arma official arma units page allows all members to have TFK arm badge and vehicle emblem in game and on any server



Promotions Guide

COs: All of the COs listed so far have been here for many years. So if you ever want to be a CO it’s going to take time and extreme dedication.

NCOs: The initial promotion from a ranker rank to an NCO rank is based on attendance, community activity, leadership skills, and whether the person has a history of taking events seriously and assisting new members.

Ranker: Normally promotions in the ranker ranks is based on event attendance and overall unit based skill. 

Recruit: To complete the Recruit rank you will have to go through basic training.


Some things covered in Basic

Buddy System- You are responsible for our buddy.
Stacking and Breaching Buildings
Explanation of how to use Task Force Radio.
How to use Short Range
How to use Long Range
Do not shoot a non threatening Contact.
Only open fire if the contact poses a threat to you or a friendly.
Clearing Weapon jams
Fire Orders
Rules of Engagement (ROE)


Contact Report- “ Contact, Barening, Distance, Describe, Any Add Ons.”

Sitrep- Ammo Casualties (give any information on dead or wounded) Equipment(give any information on Vehicles or emplacements).
Ace Medical system

Providing First Aid to yourself
Providing First Aid to others
Morphine, Epinephrin, and bloodbag usages

Basic Formations

Wedge- most used formation
Diamond- forms a diamond 
Column and variants- A line... essentially

Want to join? Questions? Join us!

Teamspeak; tfk.ts.nfoservers.com


Or, Add me on Steam



Edited by Axelyoder
Updated status of recruitment.

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