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Hey everyone,


I was recently thinking of some kind of ending cinematic to my mission. What I thought about was:


1. Wait until we're all done with the flow of the mission. Usually when the mission is done we gather up in a group to do a quick photo and a small debriefing, so we're technically still in the scenario.
2. When Zeus decides so, the mission would be switched to a cutscene.

3. If possible, a script would grab all the players who survived and put them in predefined places, for example next to some kind of building which was the last objective.

4. Those players would then play certain animations (lying on the ground, sitting, resting after a mission, waving, whatever stuff there is to choose from).

5. During those animations the camera would move a tiny bit here and there and probably show some kind of jet formation flying by.

6. Mission officially ends with the "Mission Complete" screen, some music plays in the background and bang, we're done.


Do you think this is possible by any means? I think I would be able to figure out how to teleport the alive players to specific places and have them switchMove to animations, but not sure how to make the camera moving effect as well as how to make it work just after the mission, so to make it seem relatively smooth.


If I recall correctly, there is an option in the Editor to choose Scenario, Intro and Outro so I think there's gotta be a way to make them transition between each other and achieve the aforementioned effect but I have no clue how to do that.



I will be grateful for any kind of help in that regard. Thanks!



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