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Open Custom CBA settings menu from a Billboard in-game.

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Is it possible to open a settings menu like a custom CBA one from a billboard with the hold space bar action? I have code that can open a field manual with a hold action, but I have a custom menu that allows setting view dist and sound volume, and I would like to be able to have players open it from a billboard or a laptop item. Surely I could modify the code to get this to work, but how would I get the path to a custom menu? Thanks.


This is the code to open a field manual, I could possibly use this?


BIS_holdActionSFX = (getArray (configFile >> "CfgSounds" >> "Orange_Action_Wheel" >> "sound")) param [0, ""];
BIS_holdActionSFX = BIS_holdActionSFX + ".wss";
BIS_holdActionProgress = 
	private _progressTick = _this select 4; 
	if ((_progressTick % 2) == 0) exitwith {}; 

	private _coef = _progressTick / 24; 
	playSound3D [BIS_holdActionSFX, player, false, getPosASL player, 1, 0.9 + 0.2 * _coef];

[BIS_TV1, localize "STR_A3_Orange_Faction_IDAP_action_FM", "\a3\Missions_F_Orange\Data\Img\Showcase_LawsOfWar\action_access_fm_ca", "\a3\Missions_F_Orange\Data\Img\Showcase_LawsOfWar\action_access_fm_ca", "(_this distance _target < 3) && (isNull (findDisplay 162))", "isNull (findDisplay 162)", {}, BIS_holdActionProgress, {BIS_TV1 say3D "Orange_Access_FM"; ["InternationalHumanitarianLaw", "Overview", findDisplay 46, localize "STR_A3_Orange_Faction_IDAP_FM_filter_LoW"] call BIS_fnc_openFieldManual}, {}, [], 0.5, nil, false] call BIS_fnc_holdActionAdd;


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