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Editor and mission question.

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This may be the wrong place to put this, but im creating a mission "call me super newb"

I have very basic things currently like way point patrols and loiter in there with the cycle.

I want to make a small hostage rescue, like on the map of altis, have like 10 hostages placed around in vaiious locations perhaps being guarded by bad guys, how do i do this? I want them to be objectives that can be completed by any order, like u go and rescue the hostage and he can use a gun, and follow and command like any unit in ur group, while he is under ur command, u go back to the place u started like ur starting spot to complete the mission.

I litterally hve no idea how to use the task thing in the editor or how to script or anything, i can barely creat a simple waypoint and loiter and cycle.

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