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First and Foremost we are Task Force Razor. We strive to maintain a well rounded, tactical military simulation group within Arma 3. Built in 2014, the core members of this unit have built and expanded to what it is today. With a majority of our members from Active Duty, Veteran Military, and Experienced Arma Series Players, you could not find a better unit to join.

If you are interested in becoming a part of this unit, please feel free to join our Unit Teamspeak and request to speak with a Recruiter/In-Processing Cadre immediately. They will be able to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have.



3-187 IR, 101st AB (Airborne)

ODA 1121, 1st SFG

1st SOA (Special Operations Aviation)

       * 160th SOAR

       * 38th Rescue Squadron (PJ)

       * 74th Fighter Squadrion


What we offer:

Monthly Deployments | A Relaxed Environment | Variety of MOS's | Active Community | Weekly Operations | Invade & Annex Server | 


Unit Requirements:

16+ | Arma 3 (optional for APEX) | Microphone | Ability to attend weekend events | 


Teamspeak 3:

Web sight: http://www.taskforcerazor.com/

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