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Jboy Dog

Hello everyone.
I'm sure you know the Jay Boy script
from here: https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/196998-jboy-dog-updated-v13/?page=11

Actually the script running Good on my computer but my goal is to build a K9 Dogs unit
On my server (VPS)

iam looking for some one who can help me add this mod to my server 
each player (only K9 Unit) 
I managed to get it into the server but the commands did not appear

Offer for work 20-30 $ Via pay pal 

add me

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As we discussed in our private chat, JBOY dog is currently not multi-player compatible.   I personally don't plan on working on that for a few months (until my dog mission SP mission Last Tango in Tanoa) is completed.


If someone else wants to work on it to make it MP compatible, they have my permission (and encouragement!).

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