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[SP/MP] FUCKINWAR STORM2 a batlefield style mission

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hi all

long time since scripting ;)


back with this





a SP & MP batlefield style mission:



* 2 team red vs blue

* a warzone

* a lot of imerssion tweaks


for realism:

* ai use flashlight thanks Jboy

* ai talk   thanks RUGDSAI & thanks Jboy

* VcomAi do the rest 

* random amocahes

* mortar script random amo & flare shooting

* air flyby

* fog script

* color correction

* side markers on map thanks Quiksilver

* injuries script by Persian MO


for the gameplay:

i ve buit a script who calculate in a loop each unit on the batleground by side, where you can set the max amount of players ,the time to loop spawnscript .... 

it spawn group (random amount) in 3 random location  for each side, with specific gears , each kill give point the first team with 50 kills win the match...

a script is also calculate numbers of kills for the hend mission contition..


can someone give me feedback about it?

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ha yes, iv just past it in a comment in steam thks,   just need RHS (full) & Abriama map im using VcomAi (so nice) but the script version only

at the base it was only SP i had a ambiance sound script that created a hempty helipad & play some songs but i don t found solution to make it work in MP???

On 15/07/2016 at 10:56 AM, Grumpy Old Man said:


hum so fun it was already written on the description   ;)


needed :

* RHS (full)
* Abriama map 
* RUGDSAI_A3 (optional but cool )
* JSRS soundmod  (optional but cool )
* JSRS soundmod RHS AFR compatibility (optional but cool )

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