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Porting Workshop files to one computer to another; ¿possible?

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Hi there, i just got my new PC and I would like to port like 130 GB of mods to the new machine. That would not be a problem, if it wasn´t because Steam Workshop is horrible when you move on.


I only have 12MBs of connection plus due to the fact that, i do not live alone, i cannot be downloading all day, which makes the idea of redownloading the whole thing a real pain in the ass. I tried to put exactly every file on all the routes i figured out that the Workshop files are; and still don´t work, the game launcher does not detect them and keeps downloading. I considered the idea of just keep the mods as local addons, and deal with it, but the workshop thing is very handy when you want to update the mods.


So please guys surprise me with something i haven´t tried yet, because I ran out of ideas.

Cheers and thanks in advance.

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you have the files locally on your old computer so thats good.

I recently noticed that the workshop no longer triggers immediately for downloads but only starts when the launcher starts...

I am not sure if thats the same for file deletion... if you are sure the workshop folders are the same setup... 


1- i would download a new, really small mod to the new pc to make sure it has created the correct file structure.

2- place the copied folder in the right file path that you checked... the small mod should tell you if you got the file structure right.

3-place the copied folder you are trying to activate into the right file path.

4-find the mod on steam and see if it says subscribed or unsubscribed, my guess is it will say subscribed cuz that is linked globally and not locally

5-unsubscribe and resubscribe to the mod on workshop on the new computer with the old files in the right place on the new pc.

6-technically when you relaunch  the launcher it should activate the mod locally in your new pc launcher, check the files, and download any missing and go... now since it should be able to verify the files are there you wont need to download it. I am not sure if that is the case.


So the theory being the thing you need to do is unsubscribe and resubscribe to the mod again so the launcher checks and verifys the file and says.. yup... its all there.

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