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[MP][COOP] Operation Save Christmas

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Made a Christmas themed mission for our mil-sim community. Though it would be nice to share.

Can be played with 5 or more people.

Not 100% necessary but a Zeus game master makes it more fun (spawning more units/remote controlling them).

There are no in game objectives, however the mission requires a lead to give orders. So read the mission goals (only if you will fill this role, else it will spoil the mission).



Your part of the Santa Security Detail: Elf Team 1. Your team just headed out for a routine patrol when you suddenly receive a distress call from Santa.



Mission goals


As you can hear in the intro scene, protocol SC1 (Save Christmas 1) is in place. This protocol means your team's primary objective is to get all presents from all the production facilities to the North Pole airfield and transport them away from the island.



  1. Acquire all presents from Present production facilities over the map
    There 4 present production facilities with enemies surround them: #1, #2, #3 and the main production facility. 
  2. Load them into the cargo plane at the North Pole airfield and escape with said presents
    As soon as you get to the cargo plane you notice it's locked. Objective 3 is then added to the list
  3. Retrieve the transport plane key from Santa. Santa will be at the south of the island near his house.
    Santa is a super zombie, he can take a lot of fire. Santa can be revived by a magic elf (not required for mission success) 


How our leads did objectives:

  1. Get to the docks and arm up
  2. Go to customs and acquire means of transportation
  3. Go to Present production #1, load up all presents you find
  4. Go to Present production #2, load up all presents you find
  5. Bring acquired presents to North Pole airfield and unload 
  6. Go to Main Production facility, acquire presents
  7. Go to Santa, acquire Key
  8. Skip #3 due to time
  9. Go to transport plane and get out

Zeus tips

  • Zombie amount is for approx 5-8 players. Spawn in more groups if your group is bigger. Only non-military zombies have elf vests.
  • When all zombies in mission area's die a magic ammo box wil spawn
  • I kept present production #3 as a optional objective for when you have enough time

Zeus playtrough




  • Zombie elves (Ryan zombies and Demons)
  • Transportable presents (zeus name: 'present')
  • Big presents with ammo (zeus name: "present ammobox')
  • Magic elves with magic ace heal interaction (fully heals unit, cooldown 180 seconds)
  • Themed map


Required mods

A lot of mods are needed. Mainly because we use them with out unit and I'm using Christmas stuff found all over the place.

I get that it's a big list. We use our own distribution client for mods so for us it's no problem. I know this might scare some people into not using this mission. Just wanted to share for those that wanted to take the time :).


And either this list of mods:


These mods will give some config errors, which can be ignored.



Mission file

Editable mission



I wanna thank all above mod creators for their awesome mods. Without this I could not have made this mission for our unit. 

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13 hours ago, mindstorm said:

OR Alternatively I packed the second list into one download. Not sure if that is allowed, if not let me know and I'll remove the link:


It isn't allowed without permissions from all affected creators

Edited by x3kj

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