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Can't make the mission parameters to work properly

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Hello guys!

Not long ago I had posted a topic with a problem in my loadout.

I have tried long ago to fix it, but I forgot all of the scripting I have learned so there wasn't much to do...


Unit today I had tried again as I am currently in a vacation from my military services (got injured).

Well, I figured out that the loadout script and everything is ok, but the problem is much more small than I thought it is.

I am using Mission Parameters to choose between Night or Day loadout, Add or Remove NVG according to mission time, as well as Silencer and Map Nav Aids.


As the updates started to come the code was outdated, But I have tried couple of time to fix it with no luck..

If someone done it or Know how to fix it, Please reply here, As I want to regroup my old friends to start play again in this awesome MilSim.







Huge Thanks Guys!!!


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