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DLC's objects availability in Terrain Builder and in the game

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Hi! I making a terrain and I want to make it the way that every user who own just only the basic Arma 3 game will be able to use my terrain. After the one of the recent game updates those users can use custom terrains containing Apex objects. But they still can't use terrains containing other not-free DLC's objects?

As I understand things stand like this: users with just a basic game can use community made terrains containing DLC's objects from: Apex, Malden. And they can't if the terrain contains objects from Karts, Helicopters, Marksmen, Jets or Laws Of War. Am I right?


Also for those who struggling with making their own placeholders or using Mikero's dummies of Apex objects in Terrain Builder: the next game update will contain decrypted Apex objects finally:


Now I want Lows Of War objects decrypted:dozingoff:

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No, those mapobjects from other dlcs could still be used on the map and everyone can join. Only if they want to use some of the objects/vehicles from the DLC they either get popups to buy it or locked out (i.e. not beeing able to pilot a Huron, but they can still get on board as a passanger).


So, yes you could use all the DLC-assets and everyone can still join the map (but maybe they will get some reminders to buy those DLCs, dont know about that).

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