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997 - Polish Police addon

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Addon by Krzychuzokecia


A hard times we live in. Everyday law-abiding citizens face the danger of violent crimes: smelly bums occupying public transport, ugly neighbours blocking driveways, teenagers blasting latest Justin Bieber single at full volume. Fortunately there is a way to deal with this criminal scum! It's time to make them fear our law, it's time to make them feel the boot of justice right in their faces! It's time to call...


This simple addon was born from a lack of Polish Police units that I could use along OFPL addons in my upcoming mission. It's a really basic pack containing one patrol officer and UAZ 4x4 - retextured from Offtime's Jon Doe kit and his OFPL UAZ. Simple as it is, it is enough for my purposes. However I've decided to release it publicly because: 1. being really bad mission-maker I'm not sure if I'll ever finish my mission, and 2. these forums could get a little life! :wink:


Our brave officers and their UAZ (seen on the photo above defending local liquor store from the attack of angry wino) can be found in editor under "Civilian->Polish Police" category. It's really a quick and dirty job though - Offtime's Jon Doe model was already dated when OFPL team was releasing their final addons. In future I'd try to include some of the fixes and upgrades present in Offtime's OFPL infantry units. UAZ could also get a revamp, since in it's original form it is only a retexture of BIS vanilla car - some parts are misaligned, the same can be said about mapping. 99is released under OFF_License which pretty much means it's open source. Policeman unit is compatible with additional effects available in OFPL Events addon - refer to it's documentation for more informations.


 997 name is Polish Police emergency phone number. It was immortalized in popular culture in the name of 997 Criminal Magazine - a long-running (1986-2010) Polish TV show similiar in format to America's Most Wanted.


Known issues:

  • wound textures are rather basic
  • when shot at one arm/leg, wounds appear also on the other (this bug is present on all Offtime's infantry models)
  • UAZ color is a little off on the "sea blue" side (that's still better than Milka colors I was getting initially)
  • UAZ windshield can't be shot through (this is legacy bug from OFPL UAZ)
  • UAZ headlights are invisible at night (this is legacy bug from OFPL UAZ - probably an effect of bad ODOL to MLOD conversion of original BIS UAZ).





Edited by krzychuzokecia
Added known issues
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Honestly, that would be rather pointless since 997 requires Offtime's WP Soldiers and these require Llauma faces anyway. I'll repeat myself, but this addon is nothing more than a plugin to OFPL addons, an additional, civilian-themed prop I need for my OFPL-centric mission. Currently this mission is taking most of my modding time, so I'm not sure if I'll make some non-Llauma version in the near future (even then, I guess, most people would prefer a nationally neutral Nogovan Policie theme).


However, if you, or somebody else, is up for a challenge, I would happily provide source files (infantry MLODs and .xcf files for textures). In fact, Offtime's Jon Doe infantry kit should be available somewhere here in it's original form (it was using first version of Llauma's heads, which I've changed to newer type). The only thing that's not in public are layered source files of UAZ textures, which I had to recreate. If you would like to get any of that - let me know.

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