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Alright creating a workshop multiplayer role play and when I posted it to workshop for some reason my saved one on computer is a older version and did't save. Now I can't find a way to edit the updated version on workshop.

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Do this to recover the workshop version:


1. Subscribe to the workshop mission.  This puts a .pbo file on your hard drive.

2. Download a PBO extractor tool like this one:  http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=16369

3. UnPBO the PBO file using the tool.   This will unpack the directories and files into a directory structure.

4. Move the unpacked directory into your Missions folder where missions you are editing are.


You will then have your mission back available to the Mission Editor.


Note:  Please name your Topic something descriptive other than "Help!".   This helps others who have a similar problem find your problem and the solution.

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