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Help with winch mod

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Hey guys, sorry to once again bore you with amateurish questions, but here I go again I guess :/


I'm looking to create a winch and stretcher, that can be lowered down on a rope, have the casualty loaded into it via ACE3, and then the basket raised up. I'm not worried about transferring the patient from the stretcher into the helo, but I'm entirely new to scripting, and all I really know how to do is create a menu action and use it to call a certain script. 


What I need help with


Attaching the rope to the stretcher (and spawning it on the right place in the helo in the first place).


Lowering the stretcher to the casualty (ropeUnwind, perhaps?)


Raising the sretcher up to the Helo once the casualty is in it.


Attaching the stretcher to the helo (I presume with this attachTo) so it doesn't flail about when the Helo flies.

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