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[PvP 2-16] Hitmen

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Please get it from Steam Workshop looking for "Hitmen" by author "02357".

Any constructive feedback is highly appreciated and I would also like to play it with other people :-)


Hitmen 1.0 by rogue.trooper@web.de


NO MODS REQUIRED. For a quick impression just start the map with the default parameters. There is a detailed ingame-briefing and description.


This is a psychological deathmatch for 2-16 players in a configurable but randomly created environment with these special rules:


Quick description: don't kill dummies, kill all players, behave like AI to remain undetected by other players.


* There are two kinds of units: DUMMIES and ENEMIES.
* Enemies are players and playable units controlled by AI (if enabled in the lobby).
* Every player/playable can be killed.
* Everybody who dies (no matter which way) receives a penalty point.
* AI controlled playable enemy-units don't have a gun.
* You can holster and draw your pistol by mousewheel-menu and radio 0-0-0.

* All dummies and enemies have the same face/skin and uniform.
* The only optical difference between dummies and enemies/players are the sunglasses.
* Dummies ALWAYS have black sunglasses. The players' sunglasses can be configured in the lobby (none, green, red, blue, black).

* If you want to remain undetected, behave like an AI dummy (holster your gun and don't run, crouch, bleed, search any inventory/box or walk zigzag).
* Behave unsuspicious and watch the behaviour and the sunglasses of others.
* All players/enemies heal themselves automatically for 1% per second. One proper shot however is likely to be lethal.
* Every player who leaves the allowed area is teleported back to a random position and is set to 1% health (is bleeding and can't walk properly).

* If enabled in the lobby, every player has a 'radar' (player detection radius) that warns you by text and a beep-sound when an enemy is within that radius around you.

There are 18 lobby parameters, including:
* detailed daytime, fog and clouds (for lightning in the dark)
* amount of dummies (2-32)
* playable area radius: 50, 75, 100, 125 or 150 meters
* type and amount of environment objects (arrangement is random each time)













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