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BOC Inflatable Raiding Craft (BOC IRC) BETA

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I’m pleased to release an BETA version of my first addon - BOC Inflatable Raiding Craft (IRC). BOC IRC provides a backpack which can be assembled in to an inflatable raiding craft on land or in (or under) the sea. 


This addon was created as a means of learning a bit of config writing and was heavily inspired by O' Hally's boats and from whose mod some of the config entries were learnt. However, this addon has been written from scratch, with added textures, tweaked boat characteristics and different functions - boats cannot be repacked  after assembly and when assembled underwater will surface slowly.




  • Inflatable Raiding Craft Bag – a custom skinned black bag and other vanilla cam variants which, when worn, can be assembled into an inflatable raiding craft. Tardis-like qualities allowing an outboard motor to be carried with ease!
  • Inflatable Raiding Craft - a tweaked version of the vanilla boat with slightly increased speed and manoeuvrability.
  • Compatible with Backpack on Chest Addon and Feint paddle mod.






  • The backpack is called the “Inflatable Raiding Craft Bag (Black)” (B_IRC_bergen_F   B_IRCbergen_blk_F) and can be placed directly in the editor, via script, or through a character’s loadout selection.
  • When the backpack is worn an option exists to assemble the Inflatable Raiding craft, which will pop in front of the player. If assembled underwater, it will rapidly rise to the surface above the player.
  • Once assembled, the raiding craft can be used as per the vanilla boat.
  • Additionally, the IRC (B_Boat_IRC_01_F) can be placed directly in the editor (but it cannot be disassembled).




v 0.1

First Release



Added additional cam variants using vanilla bergan textures (digital, hex, multicam and tropics)

Changed class naming of original IRC bergan to  B_IRCbergen_blk_F

Removed redundant textures from pbo - reduction in addon size from 14 Mb to 1Mb


Hopefully this will be of use to someone!


This work is licensed under the Arma Public License No Derivatives. 

This work may not be uploaded to Armaholic or used on Life servers.


The addon can be downloaded from steam workshop here

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Thanks. I can't claim the original idea, I just did it a little differently.

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Mod updated to include additional backpack variants using the vanilla bergan camouflage textures (digital, hex, multicam and tropic) and addon size reduced from 14 Mb to 1.5Mb (removal of draft texture files).

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