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Need help with re-texturing CUP model

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Hey, so I'm a novice when it comes to modding and coding. Iv already tried re-texturing some Arma3 content so I got the basic hang of that.

However I'm trying to make a dress blue with a model from CUP. When checking the "hiddenselections", "hiddenselectionstextures" and "uniformmodel" they are all empty where as for example the beret from ArmaA 3 is

"model = "\A3\Characters_F_EPB\BLUFOR\headgear_beret02a";"'


Iv tried filling these out and the mod itself works. However the texture I made is not showing, only the original and I am assuming that is cause CUP models dont work the same was as the vanilla? 

This is the specific code for it that I have writen



class dress_blue: CUP_U_O_SLA_Officer
	author = "Painmace";
	scope = 2;
	scopeArsenal = 2;
	displayName = "Dress Blue";
	model = "\A3\Characters_F\Common\Suitpacks\suitpack_universal_F.p3d";
	picture = "\CUP\Creatures\People\Military\CUP_Creatures_People_Military_SLA\data\ui\icon_u_o_tk_officer_ca.paa";  //I haven't been botherd to make UI\\
	hiddenSelections[] = {"Camo"};
	hiddenSelectionsTextures[] = {"\TF32_beret\TF32_beret\data\textures\dress_blue.paa"};
	class ItemInfo: UniformItem
		mass = 20;	
		uniformModel = "\A3\Characters_F\Common\Suitpacks\suitpack_universal_F.p3d";
		uniformClass = "CUP_O_SLA_Soldier_01";
		containerClass = "Supply40";
		armor = 0;
		passThrough = 1;
		hiddenSelections[] = {"camo"};





Can anyone explain to me why its not working?

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Well in case someone wonders, I got it kinda figured out, talked to another modder who used the same model 


If I don't remember wrong the officer uniform model doesn't have have the option for the hidden textures.. In my mod I took the model and made some changes in the model.cfg to make the hidden selection work properly! I cannot explain what I did without the possibility to see the files I'm sorry.


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