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ACRE2 radio not appear in arsenal

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I can't find radio of ACRE2 in arsenal after update v2.5.0.968.

I'm using my own addon with xla_fixed_arsenal.


Plz help me.


This is my addon's script code.

#include "..\SG_arsenal_list.sqf"
params ["_player"];

["arsenalLoadingScreen", "장비 설정창 불러오는 중"] call BIS_fnc_startLoadingScreen;

["Preload", true] spawn xla_fnc_arsenal;

waitUntil {!isNull player};

[_player, true, false, false] call xla_fnc_addVirtualBackpackCargo;
[_player, true, false, false] call xla_fnc_addVirtualItemCargo;
[_player, _SG_whitelistRadio, false, false] call xla_fnc_addVirtualItemCargo;
[_player, true, false, false] call xla_fnc_addVirtualMagazineCargo;
[_player, true, false, false] call xla_fnc_addVirtualWeaponCargo;
[_player, _SG_blacklistBackpack, false, false] call xla_fnc_addVirtualBackpackBlacklist;
[_player, _SG_blacklistItem, false, false] call xla_fnc_addVirtualItemBlacklist;
[_player, _SG_blacklistMagazine, false, false] call xla_fnc_addVirtualMagazineBlacklist;
[_player, _SG_blacklistWeapon, false, false] call xla_fnc_addVirtualWeaponBlacklist;

["arsenalLoadingScreen"] call BIS_fnc_endLoadingScreen;

["Open", [false, player, player, false]] spawn xla_fnc_arsenal;

closeDialog 0;

Thank you for reading.

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